Selling Skills

ECREST: Effective Customer Retention Engagement & Selling Techniques, the Gender Smart Way; for Automobile, hospitality-service and consumer durable industry

Signature Workshop: Researched, refined and developed over a period of 19 years

Why this workshop:

1.    Do you want to learn; why and how; Men buy & Women shop?
2.    Do you want to be a captivating gender smart engaging retail professional?
3.    Do you think, you can improve customer retention & increase sales conversion ratio?
4.    Dear Online retailer; Do you want to write better description & use superior photography?

CEO and Marketing department in almost all companies do immense research for all aspects of conceptualization of product/service & thoughtfully design all communication campaign, however

1.    Attrition remains high in sales team, especially amongst high performing women?
2.    Companies struggle to generate desired interest; quality tele-enquiries and walk-ins.
3.    Sales professionals are not able to convince; conversion rate of buyers is not as expected?