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Signature Workshop: Train The Trainer by Prabhjot Singh Sood
Co-founder Eagles Learning
Fifteen Seats: Exclusive Automobile Focused T3 

A. Delhi/NCR: 15-19 April (Sun-Thr)
B. Chennai: 21-25 April (Sat-Wed)
C. Chandigarh: 27 April-1 May (Fri-Tue)
D. Mumbai/Pune: 3-7 May (Thu-Mon)
Early Bird Price: Rs 17,000/- 

(After 15th April, Price Rs 26,000/-+18% GST)
Hurry and reserve your seat now; call 9653-422-055 
Assurance of training engagement days with our networked clients within 30 days.
With Government recognised ASDC (Automotive Skill Development Council) Certificate, Sixty Hour package cost (TTT+OJT+Mentoring+Exam evaluation fees), Approximate Price Rs 88,000/- +GST

With International (US/UK/Canada/Europe/Australia/Middle East) recognised/affiliated body certificate (including support for opportunity), approximate Price Rs 1,60,000/- to 3,20,000/-+GST

For Franchisee opportunity with Eagles Learning, kindly reach us at 9653-422-055

Do you know about training and other engagement opportunities in automobile industry?
  1. Sales training for new car
  2. Soft Skills and CRM training (SSI and CSI)
  3. Coaching for sales, customer care, services
  4. New product launch and competition comparison
  5. Training for used car sales and used car evaluation
  6. Accessories and allied services sales training
  7. Team leader effectiveness and skills training
  8. Skill contest and content development
  9. Mystery shopping and auditing for service-sales-HR-Infrastructure
  10. Spares and service training

Target Audience and Why Attend this ?
  1. Are you a freelance consultant, soft skills trainer in IT/insurance/banking/retail/FMCG/telecom/hospitality/Dronacharya at automobile dealer? 
  2. Do you get regular training/productive engagement days of 10-15 days a month?
  3. Do you seek enhanced respect and happiness for yourself with superior work-life balance? O Dear Women and Men!, Do you seek to keep yourself happily engaged with (short assignments; auditing, mystery shopping, content development)? and also do the most powerful thing on the earth; nurture family to propagate human race.
  4. Are you aware of the tremendous demand of trained resources for the automobile industry? Are you are one of those, who are passionate about automobile industry and thirst for making a mark, here is what you need to do; we welcome you to be a part of the new revolution.
FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions
1. What would be the content, duration, methodology and charges for this TTT 
Answer: We will cover;
  1. Training platform skills-Day1
  2. Training methodology-Day1
  3. Participants/audience engagement skills and techniques-Day1
  4. Basic Automobile technology, technical systems, how they work-Day2,3,4
  5. Overview of Indian automobile industry, competition scenario-Day2,3,4
  6. Emerging technologies in automobile industry-Day2,3,4
  7. Selling Process in automobile industry, SSI/CSI, Vehicle Finance-Day2,3,4
  8. Accessories and allied services; RSA, EW, Insurance, Loyalty card-Day2,3,4
  9. Post sales: CRM soft skills and service advisor training-Day2,3,4
  10. Certification process of automobile OEM and how to prepare for the same-Day5
  11. How to brand yourself, Prepare road map to build your personal CRT (Credibility, Reliability/Referability and Trust) factor-Day5
  12. Create your identity, how to market yourself-Day5
  13. Training proposals and training need identification-Day5
  14. Success secrets; how to enhance per day consultancy fees realisation-Day5
  15. Nurture, sustain and leverage relations-Day5
Post TTT support (complimentary, as part of package for limited period)
  1. Polishing your resume and connecting you with opportunities in automobile industry and other clients in our network. 
  2. Preparing you for Trainer Evaluation Process by OEM: Click to view
  3. Create your profile and resume. Guiding you, How to brand and market yourself to get more opportunities
  4. Do's and dont's of social media. Get higher per hour billing and productive engagement in training related assignments from other domains as well.
Happy news :)  Early Bird, price protection fees of Rs 17,000/- only till 15th April (after this, the cost will be Rs 26,000/- +18%GST) for five-5 day session, Post TTT support per Participant (non-residential) at any of our location. Those who want to avail flexi-payment/installments, we can also give link for credit card payment, participant have to contact the bank themselves to convert it to 6/9/12 month EMI

Duration of this TTT is 5 days, Time 9.30-5.30 PM, 60% time is on teach back (practice by participants). Methodology is Instructor led training along with teach-back by participants. We will also cover purposeful activities/icebreakers as commonly used across industry.

2. What is the scope of training days in automobile industry
Answer: Immense scope, besides training days, it will be Mystery shopping, auditing for service-sales-HR-Infrastructure-Coaching-Content Development-Product launch as well. Approximately 12-18 days per month engagement is possible. We have less than 4% certified automobile trainers in the country. 
Maruti Suzuki production target is 20 Lac PA in 2020. Kia, Hyundai have aggressive targets as well. Ford, Honda, Skoda, Royal Enfield have lined up new product launch. New Auto companies have lined up product launch, to tap exponential growth in industry.

For latest Auto Industry news:
3. How we will facilitate to increase your training days and earnings
Answer: We are in this industry for three decade, aptly networked and have undergone the rigor of  numerous booting/TTT sessions our-self. Automobile companies regularly ask us for good trained trainers/auditors/coach.

In our previous TTT, most of certified participants get regular training assignments. (You got to be automobile enthusiast, we repeat you got to be passionate about automobiles). For  seasoned trainers, usual earning is 4000/- to 8000/- per day for sales training/Auditing/Coaching and 10,000/- to 15000/- Per day for HR/Managerial/Leadership workshop

4. Are training days guaranteed after completion of TTT

  • Answer: We assure training engagement days with our networked clients within 30 days (even best of doctor cannot guarantee, instant 100% successful recovery) ; however we prepare you for certification/evaluation and assure, your profile is referred  for automobile assignments, In our previous TTT, 80% of certified participants get regular training assignments and other productive engagement days. Below mentioned is complimentary and part of package

  1. Post TTT support ; Polishing your resume and connecting you with opportunities in automobile industry and other clients in our network. 
  2. Preparing you for Trainer Evaluation Process by OEM
 5. How many participants will be there in this TTT
Answer: We ensure quality and maximum of 15 participants per batch are taken, teach-back by participants is of prime importance to us

6. Is there certificate at the end of this TTT. Will we give content updates and support 
Answer: What is important, certificate or support. You are our brand ambassadors, We will give not only support, we will also actively help you get engagement days with leading automobile OEM in current package for Rs 17,000/- ... Hurry Grab This Opportunity !!

ASDC (Automotive Skill Development Council) government body recognition and certificate for TTT,  approximately Rs 88,000/- for Sixty hours (classroom+Practical- OJT+Mentoring+Exam fees)

Seeking international opportunities;
With International (US/UK/Canada/Europe/Australia/Middle-East) recognised/affiliated body certificate (including support for opportunity), approximate Price Rs 1,60,000/- to 3,20,000/-+GST

7. Can we help outstation participants for hotel accommodation. How to reach venue (hotel) from airport/railway station
Answer: We will help and only recommend, rest its up-to you. All payments to hotel for stay to be settled directly by participant. The charges are usually Rs300/- to Rs 700/- per day on sharing basis. All our TTT venues are easily reachable via nearest Metro Station, bus stop, usually maximum of 15 minute auto or walking distance time

About us: Automobile Industry experience of Prabhjot Singh Sood
Linked In Profile: 
Brief Profile: Prabhjot started his corporate career as sales professional in 1996 with luxury retail industry (automobile Sedan sales person). Worked under guidance of Automobile Industry veteran; gratitude for all the learning to Mr Darshan Sethi
May’96 to Feb’98: Maruti Dealer, PASCO, Chandigarh; Sales Executive
Mar’98 to June’00: Hyundai Dealer, Ultimate, Chandigarh; Sr Sales Executive

After consistent best performance achievement awards & leading teams; in 2005, he decided to enrich his role by empowering individuals & companies to perform better. He joined Asia’s largest training and performance enhancement Solutions Company. Encouraged and delighted with often quoted, exemplary performance of trained participants, he became entrepreneur in Jan 2010..... Prabhjot is grateful to well wishers and friends
for his progress/success.
  1. Started as trainer with General Motors in 2010-Gratitude to SLS
  2. Thereafter auditor with Jaguar Land Rover-Gratitude to SLS
  3. Thereafter as trainer with FORD for Aspire, Ecosport and Endeavour-Gratitude to Sewells
  4. Also as a auditor with SKODA for HR, Infra, Process-Gratitude to Sewells
  5. Also as a master trainer with Mahindra for Passenger, Commercial and Farm Equipment-Gratitude to Sewells
  6. Thereafter Sr. trainer and assessor for Maruti and NEXA Gratitude to NIIT
  7. Also as Sr trainer for Renault, Nissan, Honda-Gratitude toTTI Global
  8. Also as Sr Assessor for Mercedes-Gratitude to Wagons
  9. Also as Sr Trainer with Toyota-Gratitude to Prashant Sinha; founder 1sttestdrive and Toyota, interesting and exciting project in which 100-150 customer per day are made aware of legendary world class safety and technical features of Toyota passenger vehicles before they experience the drive in extreme test track.
  10. Being Co-Founder of Eagles Learning, Pan India Training contract for LML-Piaggio, Panasonic, Samsung, Baba global- Catch masala, Godrej.

                         Kindly view images and video gallery: Best Wishes Prabhjot :)

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 Mercedes Benz
 Mercedes Benz
 Mercedes Benz
 Toyota Fortuner Off Road Camp

 Toyota Fortuner Off Road Camp
General Motors
Renault-Nissan CRM

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