Intimate Secrets Revealed: Part 1

Intimate Secrets Revealed Part-1
26 untold stories on practical approach to navigating complexities of life, to live happily at home, workplace and earn respect from opposite gender

These true short stories are carefully chosen ones, about how people changed their thought process and approach to relations to create a happier and fulfilling life for themselves

First book in this series captures regular happenings in our society, challenges faced by majority of us at our home, workplace, as a student and relationship secrets as counseled by author to them. Author loves to call these learning’s as “Ancient Relationship secrets, Commonsense which is not so common these days”

Author is grateful to God for giving him gifts of; parents, spouse, daughter and bestowing special abilities to help people understand and appreciate diversity and differences are natural God gifted source of strength.  These got to be leveraged to empower yourself to;
    1. Choose your life!!
    2. Cultivate friendships!!
    3. Cherish the waves; sail of life!!
    4. Create happiness by nurturing relations!!
    5. Cheerfully face uncertainties and rough patches of life!!

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About Author

Prabhjot Singh Sood has been sharing these secrets for over a period of 19 year

Fact & uncommon common sense

God has created Woman and Man to complement each other. Their brain wiring, thought process, interpretation, assimilation, application of information is unique. Their happiness engagement buttons and emotional needs are different. When they collaborate, creativity happens. 

Prabhjot is people's person, a team player, having more than two decade of training and coaching experience. He is passionate experiential activity facilitator and gender diversity inclusion evangelist. He started his corporate career as sales professional in 1996 with luxury retail industry (automobile Sedan sales person)

After consistent best performance achievement awards & leading teams; in 2005, he decided to enrich his role by empowering individuals & companies to perform better. He joined Asia’s largest training and performance enhancement Solutions Company. Encouraged and delighted with often quoted, exemplary performance of trained participants, he became entrepreneur in Jan 2010.

More than Million participants have benefited from his workshops by enriching & empowering themselves to;

A) Appreciate, diversity is natural, god created differences and a source of strength.
B) Learn ancient secrets to nurture relations and overcome fear of managing uncertainties of life.

He is firm believer of happy personal life to be foundation for career growth. He enjoys meeting people, counseling on relations and holidaying at Himachal. He is married to Simardeep Kaur. She is leading fashion designer of ethnic Indian wedding dresses.
His signature workshops are;

A) Intimate (Relationship) Secrets Revealed: Live Intelligent-Work Intelligent: Unique workshop to achieve more; take bonding to next higher level by leveraging gender strengths for young corporate workforce, couple relations and family owned businesses. Hindi version is called "Sabhya Samaj"

B) ECREST: Effective Customer Retention, Engagement & Selling Techniques to be a captivating gender smart professional

This book has four parts …. (I have written these stories as per time occurrence chronology; they will be arranged as per publisher’s guidance)

a)    Relations in personal life: with spouse and with other family members at home
b)    Build engaging and inclusive workplace, understand blind spots and leverage gender differences as strength
c)    Sensitize young workforce about gender differences, empower them to be happy and perform better at home and workplace by appreciating and leveraging strengths
d)    Misc: Existing reading material about gender strengths and understanding how opposite gender can create happiness for each other
1)    Police man (SHO) at Metro (New Delhi), how he changed himself and managed to find excellent groom for his daughter
2)      Senior (gallantry award winner fighter pilot) defense officer mellows down after second marriage
3)      Power hungry politician’s son commit suicide and this politician changed forever
4)      Young woman entrepreneur juggling many roles, managing her venture and motherhood commitments successfully
5)      Co-Founder young entrepreneurs: woman and man college friends, soared high for a year and separation pains
6)      Women marrying dream boy and seeking separation after one year
7)      Rich influential person’s daughter second marriage. How she changed after counseling
8)      Mother (lady teacher) excessive guidance in life of her married daughter (NRI match)
9)      Managerial development- International submission: Young woman executive apparent misbehavior, masculine dominated corporate culture
10)  Leadership development: CEO changed his style of giving feedback to women
11)  Boy’s indecision and girl verbalizing her thinking
12)  Excessive career focused woman; thought job, qualifications and designations matter most, they are everything. How she changed after understanding; relations matter
13)  Unmarried women counting chapatis eaten by men at office and wondering why they do not find suitable match
14)  Husband’s excessive drinking; how spouse managed it and created happiness for her family’s future
15)  Parent misunderstanding what loyalty and abeyance by child means
16)  Senior manager at MNC becoming father after 5 years. How he managed to relax his spouse
17)  How son and daughter helped mother to become happier and improve her health
18)  Kid slaps mother for not giving him money for international school tour
19)  Young intelligent women trainer facing challenges at workplace and how they overcame them.
20)  Captivating gender smart sales person help husband and wife decide on car purchase
21)  Captivating gender smart sales person at leading luxury retail (shopper stop) breaking all barriers in achieving target and relocated to Canada
22)  Why God created girl and how kids are born and, amazing answer by 5 year old girl to keep her parents happily united
23)  Rags to riches story of poor boy and importance of rituals for happy family
24)  Rich kids getting married and challenges faced in family life
25)  Sabhya Samaj: how to create a welcoming workplace for women at factory shop floor
26)  Director HR living with guilt of insulting her junior colleague who proposed her for marriage
27)  Women to women harassment at workplace. How to identify? An unexplored reality!
28)  Woman unable to conceive after 12 year of marriage
29)  56 year old women wanting divorce, unable to forgive
30)  Merchant Navy Officer unable to comprehend his spouse strange behaviour after 30 year of Happy marriage and he doing everything to care for her
31)  How woman sought yes from man, she proposed for marriage
32)  Communication blind spots’; how ignorant Men-Women are about the same at workplace
33)  Rich family’s only son, how his spouse challenged him to live a meaningful and purposeful life
34)  How woman helped herself after two failed marriages, now happily married and spiritual
35)  Confession: How she (nurse) managed relations to become successful owner of chain of schools
36)  Success principles: husband wife entrepreneur: Cofounder of leading University
37)   And she lost her husband at young age, she wished somebody had counseled her
38)  How mother took a tough stand and saved her daughter's marriage by being assertive
39)  Young boy in Haryana convince and win over Khap Panchayat to allow him to marry the girl he wanted
40)  Paying attention to my wife make me happier and also drive safer in hills
41)  One word success principle of Muslim boy made him prosperous
42)  Involving women in decision making for retail showroom locations helped company in long run
43)  How career women keep themselves happily engaged after becoming mother and cope sportingly, cheerfully with career break
44)  Rajasthani Marwari style of entrepreneurship (doing business). Division of family business and assets.
45)  Aging gracefully: success mantras/secrets by prosperous landlord from Punjab
46) HNI newly married couple, how we prevented divorce and created happiness
47) Father’s excessive love and concern to settle his son almost ruined his newly married daughter’s home.
48) How Senior government officer learned to make his home welcoming place for daughter in law and stay in joint family
49) Sexually active college student(s) decide to change their thought and approach to life for their betterment
50) How having focus in life, taking decision and persistence helped middle aged person prosper

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