About Us

Prabhjot Singh Sood

Relationship Coach from India

Why we are passionate about our mission?

Fact & uncommon common sense

God has created Woman and Man to complement each other. Their brain wiring, thought process, interpretation, assimilation, application of information is unique. Their happiness engagement buttons and emotional needs are different. When they collaborate, creativity happens

Prabhjot is people's person, a team player, having over two decade of automobile, luxury retail, telecom, fmcg; training and coaching experience. He is passionate experiential activity facilitator and gender diversity inclusion evangelist

More than 10 Million participants have benefited from his workshops by enriching & empowering themselves to;

A) Appreciate, diversity is natural, god created differences and a source of strength.
B) Learn ancient secrets to nurture relations and overcome fear of managing uncertainties of life.

Prabhjot started his corporate career as sales professional in 1996 with Automobile industry. After consistent best performance achievement awards & leading teams; in 2005, he decided to enrich his role by empowering individuals & companies to perform better.

He joined NIS Sparta; Asia’s largest training and performance enhancement solutions company. Encouraged and delighted with often quoted, exemplary performance of trained participants, he became entrepreneur in Jan 2010.

He enjoys networking, counseling on relations and holidaying at Himachal. He is married to Simardeep Kaur. She is leading fashion designer of ethnic Indian wedding dresses.

His signature workshops are;

A) Adventure in Relations to: Live Intelligent-Work Intelligent: Unique workshop to achieve more; take team bonding to next higher level by leveraging gender strengths for young corporate workforce, couple relations and family owned businesses

B) ECREST: Effective Customer Retention, Engagement & Selling Techniques to be a captivating gender smart professional

A) Mercedes
B) Skoda
C) Honda
D) Nissan-Renault
E) Ford, JLR
F) Royal Enfield
G) Panasonic
H) Baba Global
I) Shoppers Stop