Friday, September 21, 2018

Aspiring Automobile Trainer Assessment (TTT-Level 1)

Aspiring Automobile Trainer Assessment

Do you know about training and other engagement opportunities in automobile industry?

1) Sales training for new car
2) Soft Skills and CRM training (SSI and CSI)
3) Coaching for sales, customer care, services
4) New product launch and competition comparison
5) Training for used car sales and used car evaluation
6) Accessories and allied services sales training
7) Team leader effectiveness and skills training
8) Skill contest and content development
8) Mystery shopping and auditing for service-sales-HR-Infrastructure
9) Spares and service training
10) C2C Campus to corporate for ITI and Undergraduates

Target Audience and Why Attend this ?

1) Are you asociated with automobile industry?
2) Do you seek enhanced respect and happiness for yourself with superior work-life balance? O Dear Women and Men!, Do you seek to keep yourself happily engaged with and also do the most powerful thing on the earth; nurture family to propagate human race.
3) Are you aware of the tremendous demand of trained resources for the automobile industry?
4) Are you are one of those, who are passionate about automobile industry and thirst for making a mark.

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