Thursday, May 5, 2016

True Story, Why God Created Girl, answer by 4 year old daughter .... And home was saved, divorce idea dropped

This is a true story

Gathering of more than 200 relatives.
High profile drama on final judgement day, divorce proceedings between well known family at Delhi.

Requested for close door meeting, separate meeting with Girl's father, Boy's Mother & Husband-Wife-Child

In first two separate meeting with Girl's Father & Boy's mother, they wanted honorable face saving formula & marriage to be saved, institution of  family values to prevail.

The girl has all the complaints about her husband & of course she is driving me crazy with complaints, I feel she is in low self esteem, she avoids eye contact, incoherent speech, may be ???.

The boy is upset with her habit of always nagging & complaining attitude, Her always correcting attitude & commented he has not married a teacher.

Then I asked,  little 4 year old daughter of the couple, Why God, created Girls.
The reply was, "God has created her to hug her father, when he comes home after work, her father is the best father, because he works hard & loves her".

I called her father bad boy, Then she gave me all the reasons & nice lecture why her father is the best and scolded me for calling her father bad.

Now I called Husband-Wife together & told them assertively that when you fight; the world, media & relatives love the entertainment, it is tamasha for them. The lawyer also makes good money. Counseled them for 2 hour.

Man is supposed to listen and take care of his wife & play 4 roles to her; Father, Friend, Mother & Husband in order of priority. A girl leaves everything to start a new life, have you made her comfortable (happy environment)

A woman has all the right to have limitless expectations from husband, complaint about anything. However, when he comes home, allow him to relax & learn from their daughter, why men love daughter more than spouse. Why man wish to be greeted by daughter when he enter home.

Differences are natural & must be allowed natural expression. (do not suppress them). Now both of them should go to Gurudwara Sahib, because their marriage is union of 2 families & it was solemnized by HIS blessings. Seek HIS blessings for bliss, love & continuity of this union.  They decided to stay together and live happily.

PS: I was there at invitation of their common high profile family friend. Names cannot be revealed

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