Monday, May 9, 2016

True Experience: How I facilitate grooming session for women

Photography courtesy Emirates

When I started my career, Training women how to groom, was most difficult session for me & I was always scared, lest woman is offended.

Now, before I start session, 
  1. I gracefully acknowledge, that this is perhaps challenging session because every participant is unique.
  2. Session starts with video clips of aviation & hospitality service videos.
  3. QBD- followed by question based discussion , do you think these Women-Men earn respect, the way they groom and carry on themselves. What is the hidden message in dress code.
  4. What do, you like the best in their grooming, etiquette & communication. 
  5. What would happen if they are not well groomed, lack manners.
  6. Then I share my experiences, my conversations with Emirates, Jet Airways flight attendant & hostess of leading 5 star hotels. Why they groom that way. Kind of shoe they wear & also jewellery worn by women.
By God's grace all sessions end on a Happy Note 

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