Monday, November 9, 2015

True incident: Boy's indecision to marry girl, he is dating since last 8 years & his reasons/explainations?

This is true incident: I met this lady (Shweeta-name changed) 7 years ago, perfect sweet girl & perfect feminine, as God has created all women.

She was introduced to me by my best friend (Boxy-name changed)

I was in constant touch with my friend & always used to end conversation with; "I am waiting for good news, you marrying this wonderful girl"

After 8 years, he confessed, she is yet to decide, I am decisive, as to what I want.

O man ! O Boxy! you made me ponder, when you expressed;
  1. Why this girl doesn't understand me.
  2. Why can't she think the way I think. 
  3. Why can't she sometimes understand, challenges I am undergoing, I am an entrepreneur?
  4. She is least interested to make love, her desire to be intimate & make love is too weak.
After patiently listening to him, I suggested, what will happen when all people think alike, you & she think alike, she always agrees to all your wishes.

I find her to be more committed than anyone in this relation and perhaps you got to make next move, ask her father to marry this girl with you.

Women have their own way of thinking, assimilating, interpreting everything & like to discuss & evaluate all options before they take decision.

When you return home you got to only listen her beautiful voice, her words are like honey & her voice is like a cuckoo with undivided attention.
You will only listen, listen, listen.... no opinion & judgements please.

Hold her hand her like a father during day, shower affection like a mother & then think of becoming husband. Your passion & her desires will be too intense to be satisfied..... then you will experience perfect pleasure of union between man & woman

Best wishes, get married, enjoy the bliss & give me good news of new family member.


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