Saturday, September 19, 2015

Corporate Rules of engagement at workplace ought to take @ Gender engagement

 Corporate Rules of engagement at workplace ought to take @ Gender engagement. 
Natural way of engaging women...... rules are too masculine, sucks; cause depression in many families & ruin homes

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

FACT, Cost of doing business is less.......

True Incident: Confession of a advocate; decided to loose; save rich client's marriage rather his fees

This is true incident as shared by a advocate (my neighbor)
  • His client high net-worth industrialist's son
  • Other party, richer than his client & well established industrial/export house family's daughter represented by another lawyer
  • Agenda: divorce due to incompatibility of thoughts between husband & wife
  • After so many hearings & arguments, he decided to meet other advocate & shared the idea; although both of us will get our fees, however marriage, a sacred bond between the two will end. Let's try to stop ego play between both parties & unite newly married husband & wife.
They decide to play marriage counselor role, meet boy & girl separately/privately, rather than with their respective parent/family.
  • They counseled the rich boy as to what marriage institution means, importance of family values & quality time spend with his newly wed wife instead of expensive gifts
  • They counseled the girl & requested her to have patience. She is a lovely intelligent girl & perhaps attention seeking expectations as per her standards will be met gradually. They appreciated, she is right in her thoughts, justified in her expectations, however to be always suspicious about her husband's women colleagues, ex-girl friends and controlling nature is not the foundation on which marriage institution can be build. 
This is true story of Punjabi family, a top Ludhiana based industrialist son & Delhi based export house daughter

My thoughts (specially for Fathers, because I am also one among-st them)

  1. Do we counsel our sons & daughters before they get married
  2. As a father, we all immensely love our daughters & try best to fulfill her expectations immediately
  3. Do we prepare our daughters, importance of patience, time in maturing of a relation, fulfilling of her expectations. Instant gratification may not be instant when she gets married.
  4. Also read: I have written in earlier blog roles to be played by a married man for this wife Happy Marriage !!

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