Tuesday, August 18, 2015

True incident: How I helped my best customer have marital bliss, live natural intelligent way

This is true incident, happened 18 month ago.

I never ever do this, however called by best customer, (young married professional, yet to become parent) 6 time in a span of 2 hours, I don't know what made me do this.

He expressed inability to meet at as agreed time, 6-6.30 PM @ family exigency. My response was family is priority, take care. However if you allow me to ask, you only have spouse, what happened to her.

He responded, he has to rush to a specialty hospital at Gurgaon, urgent medical test of  spouse, since she is suffering from migraine, it all started 2 month ago with little headache & back pain, now its severe & unbearable.

I don't know what made me speak this, however it was spontaneous & natural & he listened for 20 minutes, called me again, twice thereafter

My suggestion
  1. Even if you can't comprehend, do whatever your spouse asks you to do, for next 2 days with full unquestioned devotion
  2. You will gently encourage your spouse to accompany you for morning & evening walk (walk slow)
  3. Walk bare foot on grass, hug a tree as many times as you like
  4. If possible pat & feed a cow, else pat & feed dogs (any four legged creature)
  5. Keep small aquarium preferably near dining table or a t lobby
  6. Most important, learn to give message to a woman, area near her neck & ears, feet, back & then be natural, God has created two gender to have bliss, happiness, pleasure & propagate human race

He asked me reason & perhaps some scientific explanation to do this, My response was do what I have told you for two days, you will get result & ill explain you thereafter.

We met after a week & tried to explain him, Base-"Mooladhar" Chakra of women is highly sensitive & gets disturbed easily.

Nuclear family, stress to we men-women, food & artificial living is huge contributory factor to disturbed sleep which result in stress.

When woman marries a man, she usually relocates to her husband's place of stay-work. Relocation may be simple for man, however for woman it can be emotional challenge if not managed well. 

A man has to play various roles for a newly married wife;
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Girl Friend
  • & husband at the end

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