Sunday, August 16, 2015

O Dear ! loving father of a daughter !!

O Dear! loving father of a daughter !! You unknowingly give her stress, when you make her compete with men in financial earnings & funny status symbols called toys. Allow her to remain feminine.

  • After my seminars, many women meet me for individual & group counseling session. 
  • They are stressed to the extreme with suicidal tendencies, their biological rhythm disturbed. They stay in nuclear family devoid of parental, community & family support .
  • Many are unable to conceive after so many (7-10 Yrs) years of marriage.
  • After listening to them patiently, they reveal disturbing, upbringing thought process by their father; to be financially independent & compete with men. Father often dominating the mother for all decision process. Can't figure out if this is good for biological role created for women.
  • Further contributing to the depression; corporate & masculine thought process at workplace, which often doesn't allow them to truly express themselves.
  • Where are we heading ? 
 P.S.  I do not charge anything for this community service & do purely with the intention to help community

My suggestions to them;
  • Go for morning spiritual session at a park or any community place, where they can unwind, laugh, talk & chirp like a free bird
  • Meet on Sunday workshop (voluntary donations)
  • Do something creative, invest time & money to nurture relations & hobby (painting, gardening, yoga, teach poor kids... preferably community activity)
  •  Learn to give holiday to electronics; mobile, tablets, TV & computer 

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