Tuesday, August 25, 2015

O Men! Only 2 lines: How & Why God has created women. Sabhya Samaj talk at MNC (Punjab team)

How: God has created women pure; with XX chromosome
Why: God has created women to nurture (Kudrat = Kaur, it means princess and all Sikh women add this as prefix)

Client: Leading Indian MNC, Behavioural workshop at Punjab for approximate 400 participants spread over 10 days.

My Questions to male only audience:
  1. Men have XY chromosome &  women XX, what does this mean?
  2. Why should we think & go against the will of god by not honouring the way he has created women?
  3. Is it correct to nurture thoughts of preference for male only child?
  4. How we can make our home and work-place welcoming & accommodating for women?
  5. Is single woman, walking alone down street; responsibility or opportunity?
  6. We give unlimited love and affection to our daughter, whatsoever tantrums she does, why cant we give unlimited love & affection to our spouse?
  7. Why do we forget, spouse was also daughter of someone?
  8. What 4 most important role a man has to play for spouse?


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