Saturday, April 4, 2015

True Incident ! Woman-mother herself gave happiness solution to her misunderstandings with husband & prevented.... ?

This is true incident ! (name changed to protect identity)

Jaslyn, Age-37 Yr, Mother of 2 kids (2 yr daughter & 4 yr son), College lecturer, stays in own house, 4 servants, often fight with her husband & usually in complaint mode about her relations & expectations not being fulfilled.

She is not satisfied with her personal-household life, workplace, kids not loving her & her husband not being good as well, often avoiding her.

After few meetings & only listening to her woes, I asked her, whom her husband loves the most in family, quick came the reply, obviously her, because she is so caring about him.

Next question; 
  1. Whom does your husband ask for when he enters home?
  2. With whom does he spend maximum time & talks to when he enters home?
Quick came the (very loud) reply, with a happy smile; obviously our 2yr old daughter

Next question, why he does that? 

We discovered reason for this behavior; because daughter gives unconditional love, hugs, giggles, climbs on the father, kiss him & does not ask any questions & says you are best father, happy to see you back.

O Dear Lady !, can you please appreciate this & be like that to feel bliss in your life. Kids are pure & we can learn a lot from them.

Forgive me for this;
Your home is a home, it's not a college & you husband is not your student. Stop being like a teacher, who is always asking her husband, have you done this/that, specially when he enters home.

Never spoke this: I wish she wear clothes which enhance her femininity at home, walk like a nature's breeze & stop smelling like a car leather.

Women are always right, they think/care so much & are correctly justified in their concerns. 

However they usually do not realise, excessive speaking, questioning when husband returns home is like a interrogation chamber by law enforcement higher authority. It is too stress-full a situation, allow him to unwind, have patience.
Can you spot more hidden messages. misconceptions & learning?

Reply to comment by a lady,

Thanks Jane for comments, This is true incident. The lady "Jaslyn" always acknowledged, her husband is the best, he has provided all the luxuries, good house, servants, he is so caring & pays for everything; her shopping, her dress, good food....... The message can be interpreted in various ways, women are always right, rephrasing communication & timing of request will amaze everyone. I am humble ordinary human being & shared true incident.

I also understand, I am not a woman, however I have genuine interest to help others. With men, I am direct & always sensitise them, that you have to play all roles of Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Husband to make your spouse comfortable & win her heart. 

There is something beyond; which is vibrations, intentions, law of attraction.

Everything is fine, all depends upon the final expected outcome by anyone, after all, its ones own life & own choice. Consequences/outcomes/gratifications are short term or long term accordingly.

Persistence to nurture relations at any partner's end is the key to success to have bliss.

Best wishes, Warmly

Thanks Jane, Greetings for the day, for taking time out & sharing your views.

For me, Equality, Fairness, Inclusion also involves collaboration, being mindfully aware of strengths & most important being natural, God Has created 2 gender, differently, with complimenting strengths & abilities. For me it is inclusion & leveraging gender (and differently- able) strengths. Filling numbers, no way help anyone.

During the experiential learning workshops, definitions & understanding of equality is as different as our fingerprints.

I prefer to share, real examples, what has worked for happiness. When there is genuine desire for men-women in professional/personal relations to make things work; universe conspires to ensure desired vibrations are in place to help nurture & grow.

When people take a break, to enjoy what they do naturally in our Outbound activities (femininity=nature, which is undefined by God), solutions emerge.

I would suggest, do take time out & read more on my blog to appreciate complete picture.

During activities; A useless watch is correct, twice a day, is my preferred icebreaker, whenever there is breakdown in relations/communications.

Adding on,

We go beyond; during outbound activities, employers, managers & leaders, realise; in fact it emerges naturally what they have been missing by not being gender & differently able inclusive.

We focus on meaningful engagement & how strengths can be leveraged, going beyond mere numbers, so that happiness is inclusive, perhaps UK is much ahead.

Why don't you enrich my knowledge, how HR at your country ensures this.

Let's connect on skype & build better inclusive world, where gender & differently able are valued & respected for their strengths naturally

Life is bliss
Best wishes

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