While a `cold call’ is a much-used selling technique, when calling on a VIP customer, always take an appointment. The process and words:
  1. If you are able to talk directly to the person you want to meet: Greet and give your full name and the name of your company: “Good morning, Sir / Dr Dhar. My name is Raj Tikoo. I head Marketing with Corporate Arms, a Bangalore-based training firm.”
  2. Explain your purpose for calling, and the time you will need: “I am calling to seek 15 minutes from you to explain what we do and how we can contribute to the skill-growth of your company”.
  3. Add strength to your request: “In your recent interview on TV, you expressed your passion about enhancing the skills of your managers. And that is exactly what we do. So, may I request 15 minutes on any day this or next week at a mutually convenient time. Our visual presentation is barely five minutes long. I’d also like to show with you feedback from our other clients.”
  4. Thank and confirm if you get the time: “Thank you Dr Dhar. I will see you next Wednesday, at 4:30 pm. Thank you again. Good day.”
  5. If you do not get a positive response: “Though I am disappointed, I understand. May I seek an appointment a few months later. Thank you for your time now.”
  6. If you talk to a secretary: “Good morning. I need your help (this usually gets a positive response). My name is Raj Tikoo. I head Marketing with Corporate Arms. I seek 15 minutes time from Dr Dhar to explain how we can contribute (this arouses interest) to the skill-growth of his company.” Remember to thank, regardless of whether you get the appointment or not. Your courtesy will be remembered.
  7. An important tip: The less time you ask for, the sooner you will get your appointment; the more time you ask for, the later you will get your appointment.
  8. Confirm the appointment a day or some hours before the meeting.
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Kind Acknowledgement to (author Renu Mattoo)