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Yesterday, a young lady (entrepreneur, intelligent, hard working, mother, joint family) asked me. what do I do there is so much competition in designer wear for women

Yesterday, a young lady (entrepreneur, intelligent, hard working, mother, joint family) asked me. what do I do there is so much competition in designer wear for women.... I heard her for 45 minutes & said, flower doesn't ask another flower, should I bloom or not. Go ahead and bloom with full glory, Best wishes

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ardhanarishvara: When the Ultimate Man Became Half-Woman. The biggest challenge, we got to address is caused by Men, why are we, forcing our thoughts on transforming & redefining feminism?

The biggest challenge, we got to address is caused by Men, why are we forcing our thoughts on transforming & redefining feminism, women-hood ?
God has created 2 gender differently, for a reason; to happily collaborate & co-create
  1.  What is Ardhanarishvara.
  2. Full-fledged man and woman.
  3. Purusha and Prakriti.
  4. The feminine in society .
Sadhguru: Generally Shiva is referred to as the ultimate man, he is the symbolism of ultimate masculinity, but you will see in the Ardhanarishvara form of Shiva, one half of him is a fully developed woman. Let me tell you the story of what happened. Shiva was in an ecstatic condition and because of that, Parvati was drawn to him. After Parvati did many things to woo him and sought all kinds of help, they got married. 

Once they were married, naturally, Shiva wanted to share whatever was his experience. Parvati said, “This state that you are in within yourself, I want to experience it too. What should I do? Tell me. I am willing to do any kind of austerity.” Shiva smiled and said, “There is no need for you to do any great austerity. You just come and sit on my lap.” Parvati came and with absolutely no resistance towards him, sat on his left lap. Since she was so willing, since she had placed herself totally in his hands, he just pulled her in and she became half of him.
You need to understand, if he has to accommodate her in his own body, he has to shed half of himself. So he shed half of himself and included her. This is the story of Ardhanarishvara. This is basically trying to manifest that the masculine and the feminine are equally divided within yourself. And when he included her, he became ecstatic. What is being said is that if the inner masculine and feminine meet, you are in a perpetual state of ecstasy. If you try to do it on the outside, it never lasts, and all the troubles that come with that are an ongoing drama.

Full-fledged man and woman

Essentially, it is not two people longing to meet, it is two dimensions of life longing to meet – outside as well as inside. If you achieve it inside, the outside will happen one hundred percent by choice. If you do not achieve it inside, the outside will be a terrible compulsion. This is the way of life. This is the reality which is being expressed in a beautiful dialectal form – Shiva included her as a part of himself and became half-woman, half-man.

This is a symbolism to show that if you evolve in your ultimate context, you will be half a man and half a woman – not a neuter – a full-fledged man and a full-fledged woman. That is when you are a full-blown human being. You are not skewed development, you are not just masculine or feminine, you have allowed both these things to grow. Masculine and feminine does not mean male and female. The “feminine” and “masculine” are certain qualities. Only when these two qualities happen in balance within, can a human being live a life of fulfillment.

Purusha and Prakriti

If you look at the story of Ardhanarishvara as a symbolism of creation, then these two dimensions – Shiva and Parvati or Shiva and Shakti – are known as Purusha and Prakriti. The word “Purush” is today commonly understood as “man,” but that is not what it means. Praktriti means “nature” or “creation.” Purush is that which is the source of creation. The source of creation was there, creation happened, and it fit perfectly well into the source of creation. What is referred to as the Purusha is the cause, the main induction which sets things going. When the existence was primordial, when it was not in a state of creation, what caused it to snap up and suddenly become creation is referred to as Purusha. Whether a human being is born, or an ant is born, or a cosmos is born, it is happening the same way. In terms of human understanding, it is referred to as male or masculine. 

The whole human population happened because of a single act of a man, because of copulation, isn’t it? That is not a great act. It could happen in any way. It could happen irresponsibly, negligently, forcefully, in anger, in hatred – it need not necessarily happen beautifully. Whichever way you do it, population will come. But what happened in the womb cannot happen whichever way. It has to happen in a very orderly and beautiful way, otherwise it will not work. If it goes wrong or happens violently, life will not happen. 

So when we look at this basic process that set creation going, that process is just like one act. That is known as Purusha, but what takes this on and slowly evolves into life is called Prakriti or nature. That is why nature is represented as feminine.

The feminine in society

Today, society and even women have misunderstood feminine nature as weakness. Women are trying to be like men because economics has become the main force in the world. Everything is back to the law of the jungle – survival of the fittest. Once you do that, the masculine will dominate. We have chosen the power of gross conquest over the subtleties of love, compassion and embracing life.

You will see, if you just have masculine, you will have everything but you will have nothing. Consciously nurturing and celebrating the feminine in a society is very essential. This needs to happen right from school. Children should go into music, art, philosophy, and literature as much as they go into science and technology. If this does not happen, there will be no room for the feminine in the world. If we don’t see how to make both the masculine and feminine find equal roles to play in our life structure, we will live very incomplete, lopsided lives.

Kind acknowledgement to Source: Isha Foundation: 

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What is Captivate, Captivating & Synonyms?


What is Captivate, Captivating & Synonyms?

Captivating: adjective

Capable of attracting and holding interest; charming.

"A captivating smile"

Captivate: verb

Gerund or present participle: captivating

Attract and hold the interest and attention of; charm.

"He was captivated by her beauty"

Synonyms: Enthrall charm, enchant, bewitch, fascinate, beguile, entrance, enrapture, delight, attract, allure, lure, win, ensnare, dazzle, absorb, engross, rivet, grip, hypnotize, mesmerize, spellbind, infatuate, enamour, seduce, woo, ravish

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Are you Captivating Gender Smart Professional (Retailer, Salesperson)?

Current sales training available in the market are too process oriented & does not take into account how men & women think differently.

Introducing: Captivating Gender Smart Professional (Retailer, Salesperson)

After successful pilot(s) (repeat orders at Automobile & luxury retailers) at leading Indian companies/ MNC, 17 years of intensive experience, study & research about gender science; as to how women-men think, interpret each other's communication, give it a meaning & take decisions; we are delighted to offer our flagship workshop to corporate & individual. 
Why this workshop?
  • Marketing department in almost all companies do immense research in all aspects of conceptualization of product/service;
  • design campaign/communication
  • pilot testing & fine tuning
  • ultimately final launch. 
  • However the desired results are sometimes not there, Why?
  • How women shop & men buy? Do we understand this?
  • Are you struggling to generate walk ins?
  • Are you concerned about low conversion rate of buyers, walk-ins, tele-queries?
  • Why sales person are not able to convince?
  • Why their is attrition in sales team, especially high performing women?
We are there to help you, in this blended learning workshop, exclusively targeted at front-line sales person, supervisor, store manager & HR professionals, participants will learn
  1. How to sell yourself, gender appealing way
  2. How to create ownership of your product & services after you have appealed them
  3. How to demonstrate & explain product/services differently to women & men, so as to get favourable response
  4. How to understand differences in behaviour, address concerns & resolve dissatisfaction, which is natural & normal
  5. How to get repeat orders by delighting dissatisfied customer
  6. How to increase refer-ability, carve a niche of yourself by building your credentials & enhancing trust factor
  7. How to be happier in your personal & professional relations by being gender smart
  8. How women & men can work together in day to day transactions, so as to co-create happiness & prosperity
  9. How at workplace women & men can appreciate each other strengths & get inspired
  10. Going beyond & enriching yourself ..................

Unique workshop content developed & delivered by me is "Captivating Gender Smart Retail Professional". This is inspired from my own work & research since 1996 in retail industry (Automobile, Telecom, IT, consumer electronics & modern retail) "Why men buy & why women shop". This directly impacts increase in conversion ratio, by engaging buyers (men-women differently) by understanding their hot buttons.
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  2. Silver Transformation camp (3 day) for Sr. sales consultant & team leaders
  3. New SAIL (Product) launch (1 day) for entire hierarchy of a dealer
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  1. 20/30 days induction-Captivating Gender Smart retail professional

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Full day workshop Inbound experiential learning done in 2014at #MHROD

Pleasure to share moments as captured by was indeed amazing experience to be amongst you

Full day workshop Inbound experiential learning done in 2014at #MHROD #DelhiSchoolOfEconomics #DelhiUniversity Batch 2013-2015 prestigious MBA HR&OD budding professionals.
The program flow was:
A) Enhance your self esteem, you can get what you want, Movie "The Secret"
B) Team Building, Jigsaw Puzzle, find missing parts & happiness in your life amongst each other via collaborations, take help of each other, alumni, industry & others for placements, internships & becoming entrepreneur
C) Chart activity: Why MHROD is the best
D) Chart activity: Why you are the best, write your strengths & introduce each other as celebrity
E) Use inputs, now you know each other strengths, create fresh resumes

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