Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Imp lesson for men: True Incident, Some fun; indicating 2 wonderful women to allow me space & to be at peace with myself

Usually when I reach home after day's work, I still have energy left to play around with kid & talk to my family, share all that went well & perhaps some intellectual incidents/interactions with my participants & training session video clips as well.

For men, sometimes it can be too tiring & frustrating, (long working day without achievements & much accomplishments). When day is not good, I also get frustrated & wish to be left alone, allow me to contemplate in my cave.

It would be rude & offensive, if I ask my family to leave me alone & not bother me.

Once in a similar situation, I requested my spouse, she has cooked the finest-best meal, I am mindfully enjoying what she has cooked, I am mentally thanking everyone & would prefer everyone to enjoy food silently for next 20 min. To my daughter, I request, you are little bird & when birds eat, they eat without making noise & unnecessary movements.

After some time, I realized, it is better not to have food/dinner when I am tensed, I tend to eat more, put on weight & my family also gets puzzled about strange behavior.

For women talking-sharing releases tension, for men contemplating alone releases tension. 

!! Life is great !!

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