Tuesday, December 9, 2014

When a woman is talking..... How Listening & Encouraging, Woman at Workplace help us make presentations with impact

Straight from from my heart....... This is another true incident, how Gender Inclusion helped us engage client & make better better presentations.

Neha a young dynamic lady is new team associate, she is CKPO (Chief Knowledge Promotion Officer) with our company.

During recent presentation by my partner, Harmeet at leading Indian FMCG, having hotels at Switzerland as well. Neha politely commented that all participants can also wear company branded merchandise (t-shirt) during our training (employee engagement workshop). It seemed liked intrusion, however I was silent observer & sitting diagonally opposite to her. I gave her "OK" thumbs up signal & gestured to hold on for few minutes.

At appropriate time after 5 minutes, we build upon her idea and requested her to present her views (she was happy to present the same & interact with client)

She was appreciated & acknowledged by both of us & client/directors as well. We hope to sign up year long engagement contract with client.

Learning: Women usually start of with a suggestion & phrases like "perhaps", "may be", "you may like to, perhaps may be interested" and when given opportunity to nurture & build upon her idea...... miracles occur.

  1. O Dear Men, exhibit trust in your Women colleagues by encouraging them !! How else you can do that?
  2. When women ask for information in a discussion/brain storming meeting, sometimes we men, tend to think it as interrogation or perceive it as she is questioning our capability, are we correct ?
  3. Perhaps the point being missed is, men often underestimate woman, when they make a point. Sometimes we tend to perceive it intrusion, when they unexpectedly/unplanned  speak something.
  4. Are we men missing on crucial clues, correct of not being a good listener to women?
  5. Are we men correct of expecting women to put their thoughts beforehand always, when we are meeting client for crucial final order meeting ?
God has created woman with special abilities, relational multi-dimensional thinking, they can correlate & comprehend things much superior than men & fastest computer ever build.

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