Tuesday, December 9, 2014

True incident: How CEO handles delicate issue, Coloured Woman getting highest yearly increment & Discomfort of few (JeRk AsS) men

This is true incident & my first learning how CEO's handle delicate issues & perhaps my first gender inclusion learning. 

Kindly read complete article, reflect deeply, before you jump to conclusion.

Incident date: December 1996, my first job as car sales professional. Names are actual.
Woman colleague (Mrs A Jose in her late 40's) at back-end operations (she gives crucial support to front line team) is given 20% out of turn increment in December. In India it is norm to give increment in May/June only, 10% is highest in automobile. (FY runs from Apr- Mar)

Few men in sales team are uncomfortable about out of turn increment to a woman, the discomfort is clearly visible, they avoid this woman, strange body language & hinting at CEO having inappropriate relations with woman & playing favorites.

Myself, my colleague(Rohit Rajput) & woman team member (Ms Puneeta Chaturvedi) are uncomfortable about the entire episode & strange behaviour of our team members. We tried to pacify them that we are new joinee & got to respect the system. We were told to shut up & warned to support them or else face the music.

The CEO, Mr Darshan Sethi in his late 60's (served with Britishers; automobile guy) sensed the discomfort & called our entire team to his office. He made us comfortable, offered us water & tea-snacks, asked us to relax. He is amazing listener, asks us, as to what the problem is, 4 men commented that CEO is being unfair in performance rating & he is not transparent.

He asks, 4 set of questions to each one of us, transparently (in front of every one)
Question 1) What is the total stock of cars at warehouse.
Question 2) What is the colour & model mix of cars, we are supposed to sell.
Question 4) What is total price & booking amount of any 4 models.
Question 5) What is stock in transit.

All complainants could not answer any question, looking at each other, making JeRk AsS of themselves; Idiots & a disgrace to our team. One person was counselled & later exited for making unacceptable comments about woman.

Myself & Rohit answered 80% correct by referring to our daily diary-notes & Puneeta answered 90% correct by her mental recall & referring to her daily diary-notes.

Now Mrs A Jose is called, she answers all questions & many other questions like transit damage, total sales figure, orders in pipeline, without referring to anything (any notes). She is 100% correct of her mental recall. The CEO showed us physical register & his computer screen.

Now CEO, Mr Darshan Sethi explained, we have given special increment to this lady because she answers & processes information correct-quicker than his computer. He also told us, whenever you boys are in field & call her, she is always there to help you. We are honouring and recognizing her special contribution. (outside the CEOs office, we three musketeers wished her Happy Merry Christmas & congratulated her on her special abilities & her memory)

Now I realize & my Learning: 

O Dear Woman !! Gratitude to you.
God has created you differently, gifted your brain with special wiring connections. Your recall of information to the minutest detail surpasses the most powerful computer ever designed. No computer can be created to match your unique talent & special abilities, you are smarter than the smartest.... Prabhjot Singh Sood

Bliss to all !! 

Rest In Peace, Gratitude to my first Boss, Mr Darshan Sethi, He breathed his last few years ago at Canada. You sensitized me about Gender Inclusion. 
Dear Puneeta, gratitude to you, without your insights & keen observation we could have, never cracked corporate deals.

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