Tuesday, December 9, 2014

True incident at India: Are Women correct in indulging in; only company & men bashing in their exclusive meetings ? (Man's viewpoint)

Kindly read carefully, reflect & then form opinion.

This is true incident, I am proud to be part of team which values Gender Diversity & practices Gender Inclusion.

Scenario: All women, during lunch meeting on friday. They are only complaining about company policies, systems, people, their husband, mother-in-law & ultimately they find scapegoat to all their problems, Air Conditioner operator, poor lowly paid technician.

If AC is too cool, they have pain in neck (perhaps senior women are more prone to cervical back pain*. forgive me, I may not be correct, I am not a doctor). If AC is having less cooling; admin & finance are to blame, they are on cost cutting mode.

One young woman management trainee, suggests to senior women, they can always wrap shawl/scarf on their neck to mitigate the cooling effect. Now she is the scapegoat & culprit, she is accused of supporting the poor AC technician & few women make fun of her & say technician is indeed handsome man, eligible bachelor. She is upset & requests them to discuss solutions as to what they want. She excuses herself to rest room & not to return to hear these talks.

Just because, AC technician is a poor & lowly paid guy, what right you had to complain about him to management. If AC technician was a woman, would you have still blamed her. Just tell him, you have a problem, you want either less/high temperature. I am offended & upset about few senior women finding scapegoat in men, as cause of their challenges in their professional & personal life. Just speak what solution you expect, for God's sake please love yourself & stop bashing men !!

O Dear Woman !! You can sometimes be your worst enemy !

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