Wednesday, December 3, 2014

O Women Trainers ! You are the best & finest. My experience of doing workshop for them at India.

My Experience of doing workshop for women trainers at leading educational institute at India

Before starting, I prayed to the God, O God! whatever I speak should add value to women colleagues.

1) Started with, O Women trainers !!. you are the best & finest, you love what you do, you are expert in what you teach.
2) Before starting, I took their detailed resume from institute director's office, it had all details about their qualifications, experience & other stuff

3) I took individual session of approximate 15 min per participant, learning more about, as to what their favorite topics, their strengths, what they enjoy teaching the most & made detailed notes.
4) We played 2 team trust building activities for 3 hours, followed by usual debrief

5) Requested all women to make a list of at least 5 good points about other person, they feel is strength of other person.
6) After this we collated all the good points about individual person (as perceived by other) and shared with them.

7) We also gave them  my observation sheet of strengths about each one of them as I learned from them.
8) We requested them to create their new profile, detailed one & single page to be shared in training with participants.

9) We gave them their original profile as submitted to institute & we had AHA moment, almost all of them commented, they will never use old profile & they were surprised to learn more about their strengths, felt more confident ........WOW !! celebration time.

10) Back-end maneuver: We requested director to personally introduce each woman trainer to participants on Day-1, with their strengths & new profile to be displayed in "know your trainer" display board. He confided that, even he was not aware of their hidden talent.

11) Seems like, I am yet to create happiness, few commented that my session is still missing in substance. They want me to give direct feedback with actionable points.
12) I shared name, credentials & You tube videos of most admired women trainers/public speakers by myself, mostly US/UK women.

13) We did one more activity & outcome was 6 fun ways to recap learnings.
14) They are yet to be delighted, they expect more, asked for my secrets & best practices.

15) At back-end, I requested senior successful women trainer to help them.
16) My final parting thoughts with them, about what I prefer in class room ILT instructor led training ;
  1.  prefer cluster-semi circle or conference style seating arrangement. Usually avoid classroom type seating.
  2. Always form teams & arrange participants in fun way (DOB/height/alphabet)
  3. Ensure gender balance in each team
  4. Reasonable amount of encouragement by clapping & distribute chocolates or appropriate  gift after activity 
  5. Always take lunch & tea with participants to build rapport with them.
  6. Always start next day with fun recap activities
  7. Optional: share my mobile for what's up & invite to connect on FB page
  8. Take feedback from them, what I could have done better
  9. End program with thanks & fold hands as mark of gratitude to all
17) Workshop wrapped up with,
Now all women to speak aloud one by one "XYZ your name" is the best. All others to clap & encourage each other. Kindly do self talk & appreciate yourself daily.

Bliss & happiness to all !! God has created 2 gender for a reason; by learning to leverage penultimate natural wonder of gender diversity; we will strengthen ourselves and make this planet a better place.

This session was done complimentary, Hope I have added value

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