Tuesday, December 9, 2014

O Dear Women&Men ! My reflections, why/what you enjoyed & what you didn't in 28 days training boot camp at Top MNC

These are my honest reflections when I recall, past experience & think about the same: 28 days training boot camp at finest 5 star hotel at Gurgaon, (>decade ago)
  1. We were apprx 45 new joinee including 21 women, seniors believed in Gender Inclusion.
  2. All women used to always say yes to my evening invitation for outing (this was idea of other men). 7 of you used to comfortably squeeze in my small Alto-car (Now I can squeeze only 2 women, my spouse,daughter & their luggage) and go out for shopping. We visited almost all shopping malls at Gurgaon & never felt tired. What is your reflection?

  3. I remember, how women used to feel upset & curse me for not accommodating them & not having a big car. LOL !! I never felt offended & enjoyed the service at my expense, wish my car was running only on love & affection.
  4. The military style training boot camp was too suffocating for me as well, I also used to sometimes feel like a bird in Golden cage.

  5. I vividly remember, how we men used to comfort all women by creating happy moments, by recording your practice demo sessions on your mobile. We used to give only appreciative feedback, speak all good things & give you flowersWhat is your reflection?
  6. I also remember, women never liked me for refusing to watch late evening movie show at malls. I prefer to read at night, Why you made me feel bad about it, what's wrong about it?

  7. We all men used to feel relieved & happy to see women back at Hotel & have buffet dinner together at 10.00 PM. Other men colleagues used to follow us in public transport to ensure women are safe, we cared for you & we were concerned about you & also aware Gurgaon is not safe for women at night. They never ever made be feel guilty or taunted for not carrying men in my car. Have you ever realised this ?
  8. Dear women we were happy to hear your stories and shopping experiences, it was always new learning for us.

  9. Do you know, who used to ensure your favourite flowers were always well arranged and training boot camp room was fresh & clean on next day ?
  10. I feel proud of gender differences & we men are aware of the same. Women are truly amazing and hope you are able to appreciate why , once I was upset & commented at late night 0030 Hrs "God has created night to sleep" & you were upset & scolded me, what wrong did I do?

  11. It was me, who used to wake up first & ensure flowers are in place & training room is cleaned, you never realised, acknowledged or bothered to find this.
  12. I tried to explain gender differences as strength to my life partner, Simardeep Kaur Sood. She has stopped complaining about my habit of sleeping early as per her standard (for me it is normal & common sense to sleep latest by 10 PM). She sleeps late & I wake up early (4-4.30 AM), we take shifts to care for the child. God has created man & woman like that, Simple common sense !!
A) Do you think we need to reflect & re-write, how corporate; engage women at work place. We got to do something ?

B) Do you think corporate culture force woman to become masculine, is this trend dangerous ?

C) Do you think corporate working women , expect men to become feminine (in personal life at home), is this trend correct?

Let us live commonsense and respect the differences as created by The God !!

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