Tuesday, December 2, 2014

First True Incident, O Rich Men !! Luxury SUV/Car owners, If you try to impress your lady love co-passenger like this you will be called JeRk AsS

This is true incident, these events have happened many time (lost count) with people I know and consequences were...strained relations, perhaps broken homes & expensive lessons.

Incident 1: Brand new expensive BMW-SUV being driven (on a hilly terrain) by a handsome man with graceful lady co-passenger overtook/zoomed pass by me in a dangerous way , while I was driving leisurely in hills, from Chandigarh to Shimla with my family.
  1. My spouse shouted at me, drive carefully. (why she shouted---Initial Gender Blindness)
  2. I slowed down further and was rather surprised, asked her, hope she is comfortable.
  3. I was also upset & shouted, silly/idiot taxi driver & asked her hope she is enjoying watching beautiful greens, sunrise in hills, music & giggles with child. (why I shouted---Initial Gender Blindness)
  4. She responded & corrected me, you are wrong, he is not a taxi driver. He is having a young lady co-passenger as well.
  5. I responded as, God Bless & let's pray for them, these Delhi boys drive too fast (DL series number plate). In my mind, I prayed to God that my spouse should be less reactive (typical masculine reaction) and relax.... (I was perhaps not correct). My internal thoughts were, how strange & funny of my spouse to expect me to peep inside SUV passing by me. Why can't she understand driving in hills requires highest degree of; focus, alertness, attention on driving rather, anything else compared to driving on plain road.
  6. After 15 minutes, on a curve with parking, this BMW-SUV suddenly stopped, young woman came out & she was vomiting (excessive) & this handsome young man is trying to comfort her in her own way. (We also stopped, offered them more water & prayed for their safety, thereafter they drove slow, trailed us)  (we overheard, I am expert at driving & we will enjoy at Shimla) (woman was crying & must be thinking, JeRk AsS, why can't he understand, he is not a taxi driver & I am not a passenger travelling in Delhi Cab)
  7. My crucial conversion with my spouse, women have superior peripheral vision & perhaps they can see danger beforehand & have better estimation. Perhaps I might miss on something, say falling stone from the hills or rushing animal (lot of monkeys, few Cows/Sheeps enroute to Shimla), keep on correcting me, for whatever you like, I like your voice, you are a bird, "I love you". She hugged me and said, "she meant beware of other rash drivers, when she said drive carefully". We called each other stupid idiot love birds & we happily carried on our journey. 

Thank you God !! you saved me from becoming JeRk AsS :)

Acknowledgement to Babara Annis, I have learned "Gender Blind Spot" word from Her.
Learning !! 
  • O men why do you drive your car so fast, why are you stressed, do meditation. 
  • Why do you want to mess up relations with women you love.
  • Why don't you feel and listen, what women are speaking. 
  • Do not attempt to understand, just listen listen listen!!
Next Blog: Is there a relation between how men drive, maintain their car/bike & their love life. O women ! can you have fair estimation of loyalty of your would be husband by having discerning eye of his driving habits, my experiences !!

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