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Do you think, there should be dress code for women as well in school/college teaching profession ?

Uniformity in Uniform

Kind acknowledgement to source: Original article by Brig Sushil Bhasin,

As the Chairman of a school I once made a suggestion that all teachers should be in uniform . The reactions from the Principal and teachers gave me a feeling that I had made a blunder. 

Ridiculous ! How could I even think of such a weird idea? “We are not air hostesses!” “We have passed the school stage” and so on. I went on to acquire feedback from many other schools and found there was no such custom in any other school. I dropped the idea and forgot about it. It was not a workable idea and had zero acceptability.

This incident of 2002 flashed back in my mind when a few days ago I conducted a workshop in Gurukul International School, Solan. I was delighted to see all the teachers in a smart and simple uniform. They all looked so beautiful. The entire class looked so nice. My idea was not so stupid!! What was considered stupid and not workable in 2002 turned out to be smart and workable in 2014.

I was tempted to get their responses. Were they forced by the management?. 
Were they uncomfortable or felt bad in wearing the uniform? 
To my utter surprise I could not find anyone unhappy about it. Even if a new teacher found it uncomfortable in the beginning, she got used to it. The answers I got from lady teachers, who are in a vast majority, were something like this:

  1. It is a blessing.  We don’t get into the rat race and compete with other teachers on the subject  of wardrobe. We don’t compare sarees and jewelry and that cuts out unnecessary jealousies and competition and even staff room gossip.
  2. We are happy with this simple dress and we send out a message of simple living to the students.
  3. We don’t waste time in deciding what to wear. No decision making. Just one option. Get into the uniform and go.
  4. We save money. Teachers in other schools spend much more on their wardrobe.
  5. It brings in unity and uniformity, and we like it.
  6. Visitors, parents, vendors etc who visit our school like the idea and praise it.
  7. On Saturdays we wear casuals, so that gives us an opportunity to wear different clothes, too.
  8. On functions we are to wear formals where we wear sarees. So, we do have variety too, though limited.·  
The gentlemen had little to say. They are just a handful. They were also happy with the idea but not with the uniform. They found the ladies uniform smarter and more impressive.

It will be nice to have some views on this subject.

Kind acknowledgement to source: Original article by Brig Sushil Bhasin,

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