Saturday, November 8, 2014

WHO IS A TEACHER ? (by Brig Sushil Bhasin)

(by Brig Sushil Bhasin, Chairman Empower Activity Camps, I am associated with them as BD person for North)

Gone are the days when the role of a teacher was to deliver predetermined academic content. In fact it never was. A teacher facilitates overall development of a child’s personality. Today’s teacher may do well to realise the challenge she* faces and consider the following:-

A teacher has a huge responsibility. A student views her as a Friend, Guardian, Guide, Philosopher, Mentor, Advisor, Parent, Facilitator, Motivator, Role Model, Inspiration, Example, Idol and much more. In fact she is a ‘Nation Builder.’

Its a noble profession. More than that its a passion. Its certainly NOT a ‘job.’ Its not a money making alternative ! Its a way of life. It is all about passion. It needs to emerge from the heart !

Telling is not Teaching. Teaching is a method of perseverance. Its an influencing skill. Just telling is not good enough.

Child is not a miniature adult. He deserves a specialised handling. As he grows his brain also develops accordingly.

Turn from a Teacher to a Facilitator. You cannot operate from a platform of authority any more. In our times the teacher was the main source of ‘gyan.’ its quite different now. Some students may know more than a teacher on a particular subject. Grant it to them. Pass on the power to the learner. Facilitate the process of learning. It may not be correct to thrust it on them. 

Evolve and enhance your skills. When a teacher, in an answer to the Chairman, said, “I have taught for 20 years,” he asked, “Did you teach for 20 years or did you teach one year twenty times?”  Many teachers do the latter. Do we change according to the changing standard student or the changed environment or the evolving demand of the market?

Know your students. Do you know the background of your students. What background do they come from? What are their challenges? Many of them come from broken families. Some of them have single parents. Are you aware of all this ??  Focus on today’s generation – THIS is the child you are teaching – not the child u were !!! And what your teachers did for you, may not work here.
In my life, I owe a lot to my teachers. I am here because of them. I salute them and thank them for all they did for me. 

Mother of all Professions.  A teacher creates all professions - a doctor, engineer, scientists were all taught by teachers. 

On the Teachers Day, I salute all teachers in the world. They build nations, they dedicate their lives to creation. I wish to particularly thank all my teachers for making me what I am today. My tribute to all teachers

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