Friday, November 28, 2014

Take team bonding to next higher level; be gender intelligent and nurture relations: My recent experience at LDGM

I was fortunate to conduct LDGM-Lost Dutchman Goldmine, my favourite & perhaps finest team building program for India's most respected conglomerate (still a leader in various categories, including commercial vehicle segment, which they are rapidly loosing to Mahindra's)   

The audience was new entity, global understanding/merger of  7 insurance companies & represented in India by leading old economy co & US bank

The program was much appreciated by participants, they have given video testimonials to this.

However the head (young high flier President) of Indian operations & few individual participants could not appreciate the importance of Gender Intelligence ideas introduced by me in debrief, as next higher level of team collaboration.

This company, other bank & global partners have not so successful track record of financial profit making, which they (MEN) refuse to acknowledge. Perhaps window dressing of accounts. I was their loyal customer long time ago & vouched for their best practices.

Women's voice was conspicuously absent, only 3 in entire group, men were dominating & taking all decisions in all activities.

I wish you all the success, God Bless, I leave my participants with thought process. 

Dear young high flier President, you got to listen !!

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