Wednesday, November 26, 2014

O Women, You have to confirm to yourself to be happy & winner, Bliss to all !!

O Women, You don't have to confirm to others world to get the best out of you & achieve recognition. 
Be true to yourself, I don't know, how to respond about definition of feminism by emerging & strongly vocal individuals piggy-backing on other innocent women.

I was fortunate to learn a lot from 2 young women co passenger in Chandigarh-Delhi Shatabdi.
One was MC (Master Ceremony) anchorperson & other a emerging corporate career woman.

The first woman was naturally happy, bliss, other one stressed & trying hard to fit into masculine corporate world. I enjoyed the conversation & learning from both. The first one decided to nurture relations as first priority & second one, living for herself & make more money as first priority.

The first one was earning equivalent to second one, by working 6-10 days a month. She asked for my mobile number & second one preferred to keep herself engrossed in her laptop.

Which one do you think, I will recommend to my clients ? 

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