Saturday, November 29, 2014

O Women ! Is there a connection between what/how you wear/walk/speak & your performance as a trainer ?

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O Women Trainers ! You are the best & finest. My experience of doing workshop for them at India.

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Even I do not know definite answer to this and my observation about successful women corporate trainers (after learning & interacting with more than 200 of them);
  1. All successful ones have positive high self esteem about themselves & research/prepare a lot before their session.
  2. They are always well groomed as per requirement, for very large audience, they wear comfortable dress, preferably  saree or salwar-kameez.
  3. During classroom ILT, they wear formal trouser and Indian Kurtee, none wear high heels or tight jeans.
  4. For outdoor activities, they wear dark formal trouser/jeans and t-shirt with jacket + sports shoes.
  5. The jewelry worn by them is usually minimal, one earring, one ring & max 2 bangles per hand. Jewelry is expressive & not impressive. (reflecting intricate, delicate & smooth taste, it's never garish-excessive sparkle) 
  6. They walk & carry themselves with dignity, confidence, empathetic with participants, at the same time respectful & assertive with funny participants/students as well.
  7. Besides above, they do many other things to engage & involve others, participants respect them for their intelligence. They never get into me know it all mode
  8. They usually speak slowly & are expert at voice modulation, high & low pitch as per requirement... expert at using natural God gifted talent 
  9. They walk like a breeze, never use excessive perfume, never wear excessive noise making heels, never drag their feet while walking, Saree pallu or scarf/chunni never fly (it is appropriately pinned up), the lipstick is sober & doesn't leave mark on expensive hotel cutlery/glass.
  10. Besides above, the way they breathe is relaxing to all participants 
Participants are there to learn from you, best wishes & bliss to all !!

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