Friday, November 28, 2014

Hi Entrepreneur !! , Is there a connection ? Gender Inclusion smart description & higher quality online sales

Hi entrepreneurs, Is there a connection between; writing gender inclusion description of what you are selling online on eCommerce marketplaces & higher conversions of visits ?

Well you decide, as per my spouse experience, few tips to have more women visitors & higher retention/repeat orders by them; (our experience relates to jewelry, apparels, IT, tea)

  1. Include white background, images of jewelry on skin tones shade gradient card, at least 3 good quality images. Use image of happiness.
  2. Emotionally engage viewer in description, build story around your product.
  3. Use emotional logic, example mythology, auspicious reasons, numerology.
  4. Clearly state testimonials & benefits as experienced by other users.
  5. Give health benefits & why family, co-workers, peers will like your decision.
  6. Give at lest 2 reasons, why she will be happy & 4 reasons why her family will be happy.
  7. Ensure you clearly specify return policy, guarantee/warranty terms, we always had "no questioned asked unconditional refund/exchange". We had to refund only twice @ package lost (it was too small & perhaps lost).
  8. Be quick to respond & address any concern in 2- 4 hours. Keep them always updated as to what you are doing.
  9. For international buyers, use keywords of targeted language, keywords as used by women in that culture/country.
  10. Use images frequently to explain everything, ex image for for peace of mind/assurance, shipping-all three modes images, return policy image to help buyer, teddy bear for customer care/email/telephone, packaging image, no smoking image..... Best Wishes
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