Saturday, November 1, 2014

Crucial Conversation & Secret revealed by my landlady, True love of her Mother for blessings of her happy marital life

This is true incident, secret revealed by my landlady when her husband went away for few minutes; they had invited me for Deepawali festivities/Lunch

Parneet (name changed), a school teacher and mother of 2 kids; (1 year old daughter & 5 year old son), wished some comfort/relaxation, she was talking aloud about her wish to feel loved & cared for by her mother.

The conversation, as started by her:

A) She will marry her daughter near her home, so that she can be a good mother.
B) She will always help her daughter & share challenges for rearing her kids & family.

C) I did active listening & empathized with her, after 10 minutes, she mentioned her mother is a old fashioned woman, she rarely comes to her house. Even if she comes, she never stays, she comes in morning & leave by evening.

D) Then Parneet went into thinking mode & appreciated how good her mother is, perhaps her marriage is having smooth sailing because of zero advise by her parents about her marital life. She truly loves her husband & bond between them strengthens whenever they go out together for something, she feels relaxed & eagerly wait for him during evening.

My comments & learning

A) How true & sensible the mother of Parneet is, she is amazing, truly cares for & loves her daughter.

B) Why some parents do the mistake of being world school teacher to their married daughter & son-in-law ?

C) Why can't parents start loving/find happiness in themselves & mind their own business ?

D) Why few mother find faults with their daughter-in-law ?

E) Why they complain about their daughter-in-law & discuss marital life challenges of their son & their business challenges with their married daughter & son-in-law ? 

F) Why they discuss about their family disputes, financial debt, loans, non performance of their business with their married daughter & son-in-law ?

G) Why do they want to go & stay with their married daughter & son-in-law home for any of their medical problem or treatment ? They should go to their son & daughter-in-law home.

 My Learning & Resolutions

A) I truly love my daughter & care for her. I will always love her, want her to have bliss in her marital life. I will be a responsible parent & make her Gender Intelligent.

B) I will never ever advise & be a good listener. I will accept & love by Son-in-Law as he is, he will be the best whomsoever he is. I will always appreciate him, accept & find goodness in what he does.

C) I will never ever stay (spend night) at my married daughter's place. I will never discuss my challenges with my daughter & son-in-law. I would also encourage my spouse to follow the same.

D) I will never ever use washroom at my married daughter's home. 

E) It will be painful, too painful, I am emotional, and I care for her marital bliss.

Women & of course men forgive me for this, hope you will understand & stop being a teacher !!

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