Friday, November 7, 2014

All women trainers facing same problem of (less or nil attendance) at a leading company

I am associated with a leading company; having 4 male & 5 women trainers.

Yesterday, 2 women trainers complained about regular absenteeism of participants.
They commented that participants are idiots & know nothing. They are disinterested lot.

These women scared me, when they used such strong words. 

The male coordinator decided to do be smart, fill gender quota & do cost saving.
He hired teachers from some college & highly (academically) qualified less experienced women.

Relations matter to me a lot, I do not wish to offend anyone & wish I could do their TTT (Train The Trainer) or coaching session.

My observations & genuine feeling/suggestions from the heart;
  1. Participants are not idiots, they are matured adults to be treated with respect, please mind your attitude & thought process. They are there to learn & respect is to be earned, it cannot be commanded.
  2. Training is a serious business, it requires lots of preparation & different than college teaching. You do not walk around with a Phillip Kotler or Garry Dresdler in your hand.  
  3. Training is not a fashion show to display your fine attire or your femininity, body hugging attire/ tight dress is only for party.
  4. Please be humble & go slow, do not use high sounding English words. Do not shout or yell at participants for god's sake, you make a good joke of yourself in entire office your high pitch shout is overheard at upper floor as well, besides rocking the entire ground floor. you got to manage your emotions, be cool & calm.
  5. Make training fun, engage participants, be genuinely interested in their growth.
  6. Stop whining about following with men, your personal problems, medical problems of your family, relation issues of others & comment about TV (idiot box) soaps; of course I understand & respect you love to talk about these, please do this only with other women. This is perfectly normal & god has created woman like this.
  7. Dear coordinator, you job is now permanent, you will get promotion & increment for cost saving & fulfilling your targets, you have mastered the art of survival. at what cost ?? 

Best Wishes, kindly forgive me for being blunt

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