Sunday, November 30, 2014

15 behavioural habits of Men; Women feel offended

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Habit-1, O Men !! Watch out to prevent being labelled as JeRk AsS by your Lady Love

Normal behavior and interactions of men-men, which is offensive when done by men with women
  1. Giving high 5 to peers
  2. Throwing objects (example passing stapler/pen to each other by throwing)
  3. Not talking or disturbing other when trying to concentrate on important task at hand
  4. Not talking while driving & driving at high speed
  5. Walking fast 
  6. Racing against time to finish lunch, evening snacks and indeed shopping as well
  7. Not smiling, exchanging pleasantries, asking about other family members/health & only nodding/acknowledging other while crossing each other
  8. Rushing to conclusion, sticking to agenda only in meetings
  9. Direct feedback to each other, to peers
  10. Talking (loud) in masculine language, which may be interpreted as abusive by women
  11. Often challenging each other to perform better by asking to stretch the limit
  12. Enjoying their own drink/booze & not asking women to join for wine.
  13. Belching/farting/gesturing/staring
  14. Sitting still with pin drop silence & contemplating on something or nothing for more than a minute
  15. Joking-threatening each other
................ the list is endless............ 
Keep on watching for reasons, why women are like this, the strength of why & how men & women are differently (brain) wired

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