Sunday, November 30, 2014

15 behavioural habits of Men; Women feel offended

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Habit-1, O Men !! Watch out to prevent being labelled as JeRk AsS by your Lady Love

Normal behavior and interactions of men-men, which is offensive when done by men with women
  1. Giving high 5 to peers
  2. Throwing objects (example passing stapler/pen to each other by throwing)
  3. Not talking or disturbing other when trying to concentrate on important task at hand
  4. Not talking while driving & driving at high speed
  5. Walking fast 
  6. Racing against time to finish lunch, evening snacks and indeed shopping as well
  7. Not smiling, exchanging pleasantries, asking about other family members/health & only nodding/acknowledging other while crossing each other
  8. Rushing to conclusion, sticking to agenda only in meetings
  9. Direct feedback to each other, to peers
  10. Talking (loud) in masculine language, which may be interpreted as abusive by women
  11. Often challenging each other to perform better by asking to stretch the limit
  12. Enjoying their own drink/booze & not asking women to join for wine.
  13. Belching/farting/gesturing/staring
  14. Sitting still with pin drop silence & contemplating on something or nothing for more than a minute
  15. Joking-threatening each other
................ the list is endless............ 
Keep on watching for reasons, why women are like this, the strength of why & how men & women are differently (brain) wired

Saturday, November 29, 2014

O Women ! Is there a connection between what/how you wear/walk/speak & your performance as a trainer ?

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O Women Trainers ! You are the best & finest. My experience of doing workshop for them at India.

Good Morning !! Greetings,

Even I do not know definite answer to this and my observation about successful women corporate trainers (after learning & interacting with more than 200 of them);
  1. All successful ones have positive high self esteem about themselves & research/prepare a lot before their session.
  2. They are always well groomed as per requirement, for very large audience, they wear comfortable dress, preferably  saree or salwar-kameez.
  3. During classroom ILT, they wear formal trouser and Indian Kurtee, none wear high heels or tight jeans.
  4. For outdoor activities, they wear dark formal trouser/jeans and t-shirt with jacket + sports shoes.
  5. The jewelry worn by them is usually minimal, one earring, one ring & max 2 bangles per hand. Jewelry is expressive & not impressive. (reflecting intricate, delicate & smooth taste, it's never garish-excessive sparkle) 
  6. They walk & carry themselves with dignity, confidence, empathetic with participants, at the same time respectful & assertive with funny participants/students as well.
  7. Besides above, they do many other things to engage & involve others, participants respect them for their intelligence. They never get into me know it all mode
  8. They usually speak slowly & are expert at voice modulation, high & low pitch as per requirement... expert at using natural God gifted talent 
  9. They walk like a breeze, never use excessive perfume, never wear excessive noise making heels, never drag their feet while walking, Saree pallu or scarf/chunni never fly (it is appropriately pinned up), the lipstick is sober & doesn't leave mark on expensive hotel cutlery/glass.
  10. Besides above, the way they breathe is relaxing to all participants 
Participants are there to learn from you, best wishes & bliss to all !!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Hi Entrepreneur !! , Is there a connection ? Gender Inclusion smart description & higher quality online sales

Hi entrepreneurs, Is there a connection between; writing gender inclusion description of what you are selling online on eCommerce marketplaces & higher conversions of visits ?

Well you decide, as per my spouse experience, few tips to have more women visitors & higher retention/repeat orders by them; (our experience relates to jewelry, apparels, IT, tea)

  1. Include white background, images of jewelry on skin tones shade gradient card, at least 3 good quality images. Use image of happiness.
  2. Emotionally engage viewer in description, build story around your product.
  3. Use emotional logic, example mythology, auspicious reasons, numerology.
  4. Clearly state testimonials & benefits as experienced by other users.
  5. Give health benefits & why family, co-workers, peers will like your decision.
  6. Give at lest 2 reasons, why she will be happy & 4 reasons why her family will be happy.
  7. Ensure you clearly specify return policy, guarantee/warranty terms, we always had "no questioned asked unconditional refund/exchange". We had to refund only twice @ package lost (it was too small & perhaps lost).
  8. Be quick to respond & address any concern in 2- 4 hours. Keep them always updated as to what you are doing.
  9. For international buyers, use keywords of targeted language, keywords as used by women in that culture/country.
  10. Use images frequently to explain everything, ex image for for peace of mind/assurance, shipping-all three modes images, return policy image to help buyer, teddy bear for customer care/email/telephone, packaging image, no smoking image..... Best Wishes
Maintain 100% positive feedback on all Digital Properties, FB, eBay, Mouth Shut etc

Take team bonding to next higher level; be gender intelligent and nurture relations: My recent experience at LDGM

I was fortunate to conduct LDGM-Lost Dutchman Goldmine, my favourite & perhaps finest team building program for India's most respected conglomerate (still a leader in various categories, including commercial vehicle segment, which they are rapidly loosing to Mahindra's)   

The audience was new entity, global understanding/merger of  7 insurance companies & represented in India by leading old economy co & US bank

The program was much appreciated by participants, they have given video testimonials to this.

However the head (young high flier President) of Indian operations & few individual participants could not appreciate the importance of Gender Intelligence ideas introduced by me in debrief, as next higher level of team collaboration.

This company, other bank & global partners have not so successful track record of financial profit making, which they (MEN) refuse to acknowledge. Perhaps window dressing of accounts. I was their loyal customer long time ago & vouched for their best practices.

Women's voice was conspicuously absent, only 3 in entire group, men were dominating & taking all decisions in all activities.

I wish you all the success, God Bless, I leave my participants with thought process. 

Dear young high flier President, you got to listen !!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

O Women, You have to confirm to yourself to be happy & winner, Bliss to all !!

O Women, You don't have to confirm to others world to get the best out of you & achieve recognition. 
Be true to yourself, I don't know, how to respond about definition of feminism by emerging & strongly vocal individuals piggy-backing on other innocent women.

I was fortunate to learn a lot from 2 young women co passenger in Chandigarh-Delhi Shatabdi.
One was MC (Master Ceremony) anchorperson & other a emerging corporate career woman.

The first woman was naturally happy, bliss, other one stressed & trying hard to fit into masculine corporate world. I enjoyed the conversation & learning from both. The first one decided to nurture relations as first priority & second one, living for herself & make more money as first priority.

The first one was earning equivalent to second one, by working 6-10 days a month. She asked for my mobile number & second one preferred to keep herself engrossed in her laptop.

Which one do you think, I will recommend to my clients ? 

At General Motors (Chevy Rockers) Assesment at Gurgaon

Pleasure & honor, 13 participants trained by me, made it to the top selected..... Sales Consultant, CRM, Team Leader & HRM. We were 6 assessors from SLS.... more later on

Saturday, November 8, 2014

WHO IS A TEACHER ? (by Brig Sushil Bhasin)

(by Brig Sushil Bhasin, Chairman Empower Activity Camps, I am associated with them as BD person for North)

Gone are the days when the role of a teacher was to deliver predetermined academic content. In fact it never was. A teacher facilitates overall development of a child’s personality. Today’s teacher may do well to realise the challenge she* faces and consider the following:-

A teacher has a huge responsibility. A student views her as a Friend, Guardian, Guide, Philosopher, Mentor, Advisor, Parent, Facilitator, Motivator, Role Model, Inspiration, Example, Idol and much more. In fact she is a ‘Nation Builder.’

Its a noble profession. More than that its a passion. Its certainly NOT a ‘job.’ Its not a money making alternative ! Its a way of life. It is all about passion. It needs to emerge from the heart !

Telling is not Teaching. Teaching is a method of perseverance. Its an influencing skill. Just telling is not good enough.

Child is not a miniature adult. He deserves a specialised handling. As he grows his brain also develops accordingly.

Turn from a Teacher to a Facilitator. You cannot operate from a platform of authority any more. In our times the teacher was the main source of ‘gyan.’ its quite different now. Some students may know more than a teacher on a particular subject. Grant it to them. Pass on the power to the learner. Facilitate the process of learning. It may not be correct to thrust it on them. 

Evolve and enhance your skills. When a teacher, in an answer to the Chairman, said, “I have taught for 20 years,” he asked, “Did you teach for 20 years or did you teach one year twenty times?”  Many teachers do the latter. Do we change according to the changing standard student or the changed environment or the evolving demand of the market?

Know your students. Do you know the background of your students. What background do they come from? What are their challenges? Many of them come from broken families. Some of them have single parents. Are you aware of all this ??  Focus on today’s generation – THIS is the child you are teaching – not the child u were !!! And what your teachers did for you, may not work here.
In my life, I owe a lot to my teachers. I am here because of them. I salute them and thank them for all they did for me. 

Mother of all Professions.  A teacher creates all professions - a doctor, engineer, scientists were all taught by teachers. 

On the Teachers Day, I salute all teachers in the world. They build nations, they dedicate their lives to creation. I wish to particularly thank all my teachers for making me what I am today. My tribute to all teachers

To invite Brig Sushil Bhasin kindly reach me at 85-1004-2055

Friday, November 7, 2014

All women trainers facing same problem of (less or nil attendance) at a leading company

I am associated with a leading company; having 4 male & 5 women trainers.

Yesterday, 2 women trainers complained about regular absenteeism of participants.
They commented that participants are idiots & know nothing. They are disinterested lot.

These women scared me, when they used such strong words. 

The male coordinator decided to do be smart, fill gender quota & do cost saving.
He hired teachers from some college & highly (academically) qualified less experienced women.

Relations matter to me a lot, I do not wish to offend anyone & wish I could do their TTT (Train The Trainer) or coaching session.

My observations & genuine feeling/suggestions from the heart;
  1. Participants are not idiots, they are matured adults to be treated with respect, please mind your attitude & thought process. They are there to learn & respect is to be earned, it cannot be commanded.
  2. Training is a serious business, it requires lots of preparation & different than college teaching. You do not walk around with a Phillip Kotler or Garry Dresdler in your hand.  
  3. Training is not a fashion show to display your fine attire or your femininity, body hugging attire/ tight dress is only for party.
  4. Please be humble & go slow, do not use high sounding English words. Do not shout or yell at participants for god's sake, you make a good joke of yourself in entire office your high pitch shout is overheard at upper floor as well, besides rocking the entire ground floor. you got to manage your emotions, be cool & calm.
  5. Make training fun, engage participants, be genuinely interested in their growth.
  6. Stop whining about following with men, your personal problems, medical problems of your family, relation issues of others & comment about TV (idiot box) soaps; of course I understand & respect you love to talk about these, please do this only with other women. This is perfectly normal & god has created woman like this.
  7. Dear coordinator, you job is now permanent, you will get promotion & increment for cost saving & fulfilling your targets, you have mastered the art of survival. at what cost ?? 

Best Wishes, kindly forgive me for being blunt

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Is the approach correct ? Current trend of increasing women headcount to achieve gender diversity target in corporate/PSU

Is the approach correct ? Current trend of increasing women headcount to achieve gender diversity target in corporate/PSU

Kindly send your comments at

My opinion;

Very few individuals & companies are enlightened about the Gender Brain differences & strengths there-off ..... more about this, once I get comments from other members.

Is approach to recruiting women & achieve gender diversity target the

ht thig

Is approach to recruiting women

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Crucial Conversation & Secret revealed by my landlady, True love of her Mother for blessings of her happy marital life

This is true incident, secret revealed by my landlady when her husband went away for few minutes; they had invited me for Deepawali festivities/Lunch

Parneet (name changed), a school teacher and mother of 2 kids; (1 year old daughter & 5 year old son), wished some comfort/relaxation, she was talking aloud about her wish to feel loved & cared for by her mother.

The conversation, as started by her:

A) She will marry her daughter near her home, so that she can be a good mother.
B) She will always help her daughter & share challenges for rearing her kids & family.

C) I did active listening & empathized with her, after 10 minutes, she mentioned her mother is a old fashioned woman, she rarely comes to her house. Even if she comes, she never stays, she comes in morning & leave by evening.

D) Then Parneet went into thinking mode & appreciated how good her mother is, perhaps her marriage is having smooth sailing because of zero advise by her parents about her marital life. She truly loves her husband & bond between them strengthens whenever they go out together for something, she feels relaxed & eagerly wait for him during evening.

My comments & learning

A) How true & sensible the mother of Parneet is, she is amazing, truly cares for & loves her daughter.

B) Why some parents do the mistake of being world school teacher to their married daughter & son-in-law ?

C) Why can't parents start loving/find happiness in themselves & mind their own business ?

D) Why few mother find faults with their daughter-in-law ?

E) Why they complain about their daughter-in-law & discuss marital life challenges of their son & their business challenges with their married daughter & son-in-law ? 

F) Why they discuss about their family disputes, financial debt, loans, non performance of their business with their married daughter & son-in-law ?

G) Why do they want to go & stay with their married daughter & son-in-law home for any of their medical problem or treatment ? They should go to their son & daughter-in-law home.

 My Learning & Resolutions

A) I truly love my daughter & care for her. I will always love her, want her to have bliss in her marital life. I will be a responsible parent & make her Gender Intelligent.

B) I will never ever advise & be a good listener. I will accept & love by Son-in-Law as he is, he will be the best whomsoever he is. I will always appreciate him, accept & find goodness in what he does.

C) I will never ever stay (spend night) at my married daughter's place. I will never discuss my challenges with my daughter & son-in-law. I would also encourage my spouse to follow the same.

D) I will never ever use washroom at my married daughter's home. 

E) It will be painful, too painful, I am emotional, and I care for her marital bliss.

Women & of course men forgive me for this, hope you will understand & stop being a teacher !!

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