Friday, October 17, 2014

Humor: Men teasing woman & how she responded in Gender Smart, top US eCommerce Marketplace co.

Background: Strategy discussions (review & implementation plan), how to plan for Festive celebration for Deepawali, Christmas & New Year at  top US eCommerce Marketplace co. somewhere in Mumbai.

Time: 1830 Hrs, Men talking to other men during tea break, "she is an early bird". (referring to a woman, who packs her bag & leaves abruptly early during break, in midst of intense discussions)

Next day: The same woman; again, leaves early & cheerfully says to all, "I am an early bird, I wake up early, reach office early & I have finished my work, early on time"..... the meeting erupts in laughter & men realise they are wearing thinking hats.

My comments: 
  1. Your team members need you, your expertise, guidance, experience to take best inclusive decision.
  2. The meeting schedule was decided after your consent, you had agreed to be part of meeting because you gave encouraged; strategy meeting time should be during relaxed hours with minimal interruptions.
  3. Men are sensitive & perhaps few were confused, about someone breaking the unwritten corporate meeting code. All members usually take evening snacks together.
  4. Kindly appreciate, you got to gracefully announce you are on the family way & have appointment with gynecologist, so leaving early. Best wishes, wish you safe & happy motherhood !! God has given power of creating Human beings only to you !!
Kindly forgive, If I have been too direct.

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