Sunday, September 14, 2014

D) Gender Smart Sales Professional: Exhaustive induction program delivered over 60 days

D) Fourth Blog:
Exhaustive induction program delivered over 60 days:  Gender smart boys & girls ready to face the world & improve conversion ratio of walk-ins at retail stores. Management trainees at Shoppers Stop, Metro Cash & Carry, Decathlon & other leading retailers . 

Methodology: Blended learning (ILT+Research/Case Studies+Experiential Learning)

1) The topic was introduced in fun way via inbound experiential learning games & Videos from Google's You Tube, we are grateful to Google & authors who uploaded the relevant content.

2) Participants were given names of authors to research on this subject & guidelines about what to do & observe at retail outlets. They were encouraged to visit as many retail outlets as possible near their home

3) Initially it was general research about how women/men buy/shop, psychology of buying

4) Later on we scanned Shoppers stop, Metro cash & carry websites & relevant newspaper advertisements. 

5) Initially- for Week 1&2, products/range were allocated to students as per their interest; thereafter, it was mandatory for students to do role play & research for all products.

........... this is how Gender Smart Sales Professional is born !!

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