Thursday, September 18, 2014

All about Gender Smart Retailer Workshop, why is it required & how it can help you?

After successful pilot(s) (repeat orders at Automobile & luxury retailers) at leading Indian companies/ MNC, 17 years of intensive experience, study & research about gender science; as to how women-men think, interpret each other's communication, give it a meaning & take decisions; we are delighted to offer our flagship workshop to corporate & individual. 

Why this workshop?
  • Marketing department in almost all companies do immense research in all aspects of conceptualization of product/service;
  • design campaign/communication
  • pilot testing & fine tuning
  • ultimately final launch. 
  • However the desired results are sometimes not there, Why?
  • How women shop & men buy? Do we understand this?
  • Are you struggling to generate walk ins?
  • Are you concerned about low conversion rate of buyers, walk-ins, tele-queries?
  • Why sales person are not able to convince?
  • Why their is attrition in sales team, especially high performing women?
We are there to help you, in this blended learning workshop, exclusively targeted at front-line sales person, supervisor, store manager & HR professionals, participants will learn
  1. How to sell yourself, gender appealing way
  2. How to create ownership of your product & services after you have appealed them
  3. How to demonstrate & explain product/services differently to women & men, so as to get favourable response
  4. How to understand differences in behaviour, address concerns & resolve dissatisfaction, which is natural & normal
  5. How to get repeat orders by delighting dissatisfied customer
  6. How to increase refer-ability, carve a niche of yourself by building your credentials & enhancing trust factor
  7. How to be happier in your personal & professional relations by being gender smart
  8. How women & men can work together in day to day transactions, so as to co-create happiness & prosperity
  9. How at workplace women & men can appreciate each other strengths & get inspired
  10. Going beyond & enriching yourself ..................
Special note, grateful acknowledgement to Guru Granth Sahib, Holy Bhagvat Gita, Holy Koran, Holy Bible, all religious scriptures, pioneers Michael Gurian, Dr. John Gray, Barbara Annis, Allan & Barbara Pease, after all, there is a reason, as to why, God has created 2 gender; by learning to appreciate & leverage, penultimate natural wonder of gender diversity; we will strengthen our-self & make this planet a happier place.... Prabhjot Singh Sood

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