Monday, June 23, 2014

Automobile selling: Same feature, different benefits: Captivating Gender Based, Smart Sales Professional

Our associates, while observing & coaching at leading Japanese, Korean, US/German & Indian auto-car makers, observed Japanese & Korean had highest percentage of women buyers, followed by US/German & abysmally low for Indian car manufacturer brands.

To validate our research & findings, we also cross checked our data from RTO (regional transport authority office) at 4 metros & 8 tier-2 cities about women owners registering cars in their name, the data correlated & validated our findings. Due to legal & confidentiality reasons we cannot reveal the data source.

 Japanese & Korean auto dealers had higher percentage of women in sales & service advisor compared to other brands. Indian brands had least representation of women at floor level either in sales or as service advisor.

The features & performance parameters are also comparable/perhaps same, so why there is huge difference in ownership?

The answer lies in the way benefits are explained to;
  • Single woman buyer
  • Married woman buyer coming alone
  • Women, married/single coming along with family
Same feature & words have different connotations & usage to women V/S man in their  life-cycle. Example:
  • Power & torque of engine is understood & need to be explained differently.
  • Turning radius
  • Ground clearance
  • Split/Double foldable rear seat
  • Boot space
  • AX-Automatic transmission
  • Rear view/reverse parking assist
  • Adjustable seat
  • AC/Climate control
  • Post sales, service advisor interraction
  • & many other features
Majority of women buy car as a convenience, an accessory gelling comfortably with their daily schedule (family requirement as well). Whereas men buy car for other reasons as well; power, prestige, urge to dominate, impress.

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