Monday, June 23, 2014

Automobile selling: Same feature, different benefits: Captivating Gender Based, Smart Sales Professional

Our associates, while observing & coaching at leading Japanese, Korean, US/German & Indian auto-car makers, observed Japanese & Korean had highest percentage of women buyers, followed by US/German & abysmally low for Indian car manufacturer brands.

To validate our research & findings, we also cross checked our data from RTO (regional transport authority office) at 4 metros & 8 tier-2 cities about women owners registering cars in their name, the data correlated & validated our findings. Due to legal & confidentiality reasons we cannot reveal the data source.

 Japanese & Korean auto dealers had higher percentage of women in sales & service advisor compared to other brands. Indian brands had least representation of women at floor level either in sales or as service advisor.

The features & performance parameters are also comparable/perhaps same, so why there is huge difference in ownership?

The answer lies in the way benefits are explained to;
  • Single woman buyer
  • Married woman buyer coming alone
  • Women, married/single coming along with family
Same feature & words have different connotations & usage to women V/S man in their  life-cycle. Example:
  • Power & torque of engine is understood & need to be explained differently.
  • Turning radius
  • Ground clearance
  • Split/Double foldable rear seat
  • Boot space
  • AX-Automatic transmission
  • Rear view/reverse parking assist
  • Adjustable seat
  • AC/Climate control
  • Post sales, service advisor interraction
  • & many other features
Majority of women buy car as a convenience, an accessory gelling comfortably with their daily schedule (family requirement as well). Whereas men buy car for other reasons as well; power, prestige, urge to dominate, impress.

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Same feature, different benefits: Captivating Gender Based, Smart Sales Professional

Challenge: Modern format retailers often struggle to maintain profitability & complaint about low conversion rate of walk-ins.

I have frequently observed this at Automobile showrooms, Telecom service selling outlets & large shopping mega malls, where is the challenge?
The challenge is lack of awareness about, psychology of why men buy & women shop?
  • Sales Woman-treating male buyer like a woman
  • Sales Man-treating woman buyer like a man
  • How do we address this gender smart selling challenge?
During our extensive training & coaching sessions since past decade, our associates have observed, same words are differently understood by men & women, example "How do you feel...during product trial" draws open ended friendly response by women (89% of sample), when used during women-women interaction. However when used by sales women-man interaction, almost all men (92%) walked away. however they purchased exactly same product at different shop (perhaps not so upmarket)

When men were probed about reason, the response was, during first interaction, sales woman was not sure about how product is suiting with man's personality, his decision, his choice. However at second shop the sales woman reaffirmed that product is perfectly complimenting their personality & used words like wow, that's amazing, it suits you well.

*Note/important: the sample size is for accessories section, women's/men's fragrance , jewelry/cufflinks 7 apparels"

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

"Never sold anything, Made people owner of"

"Never sold anything, made people owner of essential luxury"; cars, consumer electronics, home décor & objet d'art-antique replicas. Now enhancing people performance, by creating captivating cherishing moments, helping them nurture relations via experiential learning.

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