Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thanks to all my networked friends, LinkedIn, MHROD-DSchool Alumni, Trainers Forum for references & nominations for breath @ Work

Dear All, Good Morning, Great Day :)

Heartfelt thanks to  all my networked friends, LinkedIn, MHROD-Dschool Alumni, Trainers Forum for references & nominations for breath @ Work. This limited participants, exclusive event workshop would help many to get to basics, How to manage their breath to work for them, besides collaborating for leads to generate business as well.

It was my deep desire to help connect people (NCR) at peaceful & stress free environment at Zorba The Budha to passionately enjoy the Vegetarian Dinner as well

This event is important milestone for me; re-launching Training Experts Management Company Eagles Learning. In future all events shall be marketed by my team & associates under the banner of Eagles Learning

Seek your blessing, to represent more Training/Workshop/Coaching experts in their domain.

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Warmly & Experientially, 
Prabhjot Singh Sood 
Experiential Learning, Adventure Activity Facilitator from New Delhi & Chandigarh, India
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