Friday, April 11, 2014

Our online selling experiences: How to remove negative feedback?

This article is based on our experiences spanning over a decade, selling online. We are selling all over the world on eBay & also help others to sell on online marketplaces on eBay, Indiatimes, Flipkart, Infibeam, Home shop18, Rediff & Shop Clues
  1. Customers are bound to give negative feedback, even if the seller is right & at absolutely no fault.
  2. Whatever happens to product during transit or post usage dissatisfaction will result in unfulfilled expectations & hence negative feedback.
  3. Being proactive is the best key to ensure consistent positive feedback. Have you automated basics, sms/email payment received, item dispatched with tracking info
  4. Is seller information, email / mobile/ Skype prominently listed or easily available. How easy it is to reach seller ?
  5. Is response automated (routine email communication), Do you have FAQ or is it customised?
  6. How quick is the response? It is advisable to have internal SLA/escalation matrix & process to resolve. Process is only guideline for staff & to help buyer.
  7. Is resolution as per buyer satisfaction or as per rule book?
  8. Does seller take care to reach-out & speak with buyer?
  9. 90% of the buyers prefer to resolve before leaving negative feedback
  10. Negative feedback given under impulse is usually under influence of some one valued a lot (peer/parents) & may be totally against the wishes & requirement of user.
  11. Viewers/buyers are more interested in the good manners & grace, with which situation is handled
  12. Never ever argue with buyer, he/she is always right. Plan your business @ losses due to unforeseen situations, at least 2-3 %. Active listening always resolves toughest of the issues.
  13. Secret: Listening is the best thing to do. Offer multiple solutions, flexibility is the key to resolve stalemate.
Online selling is fun :)
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