Sunday, April 6, 2014

How Experiential Adventure Activities can smoothen birth pangs of new entity after Merger & Acquisition? Cultural Imbibation

Yes, creation of new entity after Union (Merger & Acquisition) is like new birth, Births Pangs are natural & if they are not there......... there is something wrong & need to be addressed

Dictionary: birth pang
1. One of the repetitive pains occurring in childbirth. Often used in the plural.
2. birth pangs Difficulty or turmoil associated with a development or transition

Each entity is unique, with unique DNA, culture, psychology which perhaps is neither defined nor understood, because it cannot be measured. I am writing this to sensitize how outbound/inbound experiential activities can help evolve new culture & ensure "Cultural Imbibation" there off. We have experience of helping successful transitions of global-Fortune500 companies.

Outbound Experiential Learning helps to;
  1. Evolve new culture the natural way, because respective strengths are not told, they are felt & appreciated by all.
  2. It not Big V/S Small or acquirer V/S acquired, it is all about we are new to each other, let us explore, appreciate ourselves & each other in a better way
  3. The new norms & culture comes from & is jointly defined by people
  4. People collaborate better & are in better control of their career aspirations & of new entity
  5. It helps every one to come out of routine/mechanistic corporate office culture, de-stress themselves, be natural & true to themselves in outbound environment
  6. New  & better relations are formed @ appreciating each other
  7. Gender Diversity Appreciation, new teams formation is must  & are best addressed during activities.........the natural way.
  8. We are humans & if we hold position for long, tend to think we are the best......Ego busting & understanding things can be done in a alternate & a better way is must. I cannot define or measure this, some men & women cry, when they realise their mistakes. They heal themselves, co-learn how to cope, forge themselves to be new & move ahead in life.
  9. Understanding & appreciating, How & Why? others address, do things/give solutions to same challenges in contrast to we do is must
  10. Myth Buster: Best practices are not best anymore, they have to be re-defined, re-written & accepted by new joint entity.
 It is natural, let us move ahead naturally & the way it is designed to be..... Best Wishes !! :)

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