Monday, April 7, 2014

Creating winning-engaging eCommerce descriptions : Better team bonding via experiential learning activities

Success in eCommerce is highly dependent upon 3 crucial factors; in this article, I am sharing how to get superior description from all people involved in  a team
A) Photography
B) Description
C) Credibility, (CRT-credibility, refer-ability, trust)
D) Other aspects are complimenting first 3 & important as well

These activities are to be done in the morning
A) We start with meditation ; Deep-Long & Slow breath. The purpose of this is to activate (supply Oxygen) to both parts of the brain, logical & intuitive brain for 15 mins. This results in better thinking & coordination
B) Jigsaw Puzzle- Cross Functional team building game: total time 20min to play + 40 min to capture learnings & debrief. This brings about importance of coordination, appreciating difference in thinking of men & women about same product/service.
C) Tanagram (H) OR Square Completion (Dr. Wood-tm) OR Rubik's cube-tm OR Rubik's Clock-tm: time 30 Min to play +  upto 1hour for debrief. This brings about possibility thinking, importance of thinking intuitively.

The outcome is better description, which is engaging, international audience appealing experience, fresh ideas, alternate uses of product/service appealing to both men & women
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