Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bar+Gain Same words, different interpretations. How to converse with man/woman interviewer & buyer?

Important: This is about behaviour, many Men & Woman exhibit bridge behaviour as well, besides; situation always changes with time & as per value of transaction & seniority in hierarchy

Interview/Sales transaction is like a bar+gain (Bar the Gain of other person) in Man-Man discussions & negotiations. Men usually prefer to extract higher discounts/freebies translated in monetary terms. For them it is play (sports) to win, there is only one winner. Men usually prefer to have lot of comparisons on technical & performance parameters.

Bargain is like building relations between Man/Woman-Woman, (How, more value we can add), woman may ask more questions, seek much more info, which men may perceive as time delaying, however if taken in the right spirit can work wonders in establishing long term trust.

Women are more interested in seeking higher value in relations & convenience when they bargain. Women seek reassurance will this product/person/partner is there for long term. They think a lot & relation oriented person puts her at ease at being natural with herself, so that she can ask as many questions as she like. She likes to take into @ how her decision will effect her peers & other family members.

There is ample scientific research done on this & interesting statistics have emerged, if you want to learn more, I would be glad to share more, kindly mail me at

Give a chance to better relations & peace to prevail everywhere :)

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