Sunday, April 27, 2014

Appreciating Gender Differences, explained in a beautiful & hilarious way

The finest video, I have come across on a topic so dear to me

Summer Activity camp by Empower, for more details, call now at 85-1004-2055

Summer Activity camp by Empower, for more details, call now at 85-1004-2055
Would you like your child to;
  1. Be more confident?
  2. Have high self esteem?
  3. Know his/her self worth?
  4. Be acquainted with nature?
  5. Get a glimpse of rural life?
  6. Learn values of discipline in life?
  7. Be relieved of stress & tension?
  8. Learn importance of time?
  9. Be adjustable with other kids & enjoy along-with them?
  10. Pay attention to what he/she does?
  11. Take interest in studies & enjoy the learning?
  12. Grow up to be a responsible human being?
  13. Be successful in relations?
  14. Have a better overall personality?
  15. Better grooming (college/management students)?
  16. Life survival strategies?
  17. Overcome procrastination?
  18. Positive expectations from life?
  19. Decisive, better career decisions?
  20. Entrepreneurship spirit, business acumen?
  21. Importance of ethics & values in life?
  22. Cope with failure, learn to fail?
  23. Face exams & interviews in a better way?
  24. Navigate through uncertainties & challenges of life?

Top 15 reasons to attend experiential learning activities by Empower Activity camp at New Delhi & Chandigarh

To organize activity camp for your team, kindly reach us at 8510042055... Warmly Prabhjot

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Basics lesson no-1. Can you make reasonable surplus called profit on eCommerce marketplaces?

Rule no 1: eCommerce was invented to compliment physical retail & not to compete with it. It was created for convenience of buyers. (most research studies prove this)
Why giants keep on forgetting, basic lesson? Why is it being run like  a flea market?
Whether it is b2b, b2c or some other format, calculation & valuations of almost all companies is a massive bubble, larger the company, more colorful & beautiful the bubble.

Honorable exception being eBay & niche (small) players on ecommerce usually dealing in customised products (fashion, apparels, jewelry, rare items, art & decor, health/medicines)

The most abused category is publications-books....more about the same.Strange Revelations, Essential Strategy for High Traffic, actual pricing of books & How eCommerce companies play with pricing? Is it Ethical Market behaviour?

The same is being replicated with mobile phone category. (is it worth the time, risk & ROI) selling mobile on internet.

If we do not nurture the new baby. will it survive? Will it grow & live a healthy life?

Biggest fallacy by online sellers is thinking buyer's only want lower price, perhaps this is partially true for branded products & books, online sellers have contributed to this mindset.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bar+Gain Same words, different interpretations. How to converse with man/woman interviewer & buyer?

Important: This is about behaviour, many Men & Woman exhibit bridge behaviour as well, besides; situation always changes with time & as per value of transaction & seniority in hierarchy

Interview/Sales transaction is like a bar+gain (Bar the Gain of other person) in Man-Man discussions & negotiations. Men usually prefer to extract higher discounts/freebies translated in monetary terms. For them it is play (sports) to win, there is only one winner. Men usually prefer to have lot of comparisons on technical & performance parameters.

Bargain is like building relations between Man/Woman-Woman, (How, more value we can add), woman may ask more questions, seek much more info, which men may perceive as time delaying, however if taken in the right spirit can work wonders in establishing long term trust.

Women are more interested in seeking higher value in relations & convenience when they bargain. Women seek reassurance will this product/person/partner is there for long term. They think a lot & relation oriented person puts her at ease at being natural with herself, so that she can ask as many questions as she like. She likes to take into @ how her decision will effect her peers & other family members.

There is ample scientific research done on this & interesting statistics have emerged, if you want to learn more, I would be glad to share more, kindly mail me at

Give a chance to better relations & peace to prevail everywhere :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Our online selling experiences: How to remove negative feedback?

This article is based on our experiences spanning over a decade, selling online. We are selling all over the world on eBay & also help others to sell on online marketplaces on eBay, Indiatimes, Flipkart, Infibeam, Home shop18, Rediff & Shop Clues
  1. Customers are bound to give negative feedback, even if the seller is right & at absolutely no fault.
  2. Whatever happens to product during transit or post usage dissatisfaction will result in unfulfilled expectations & hence negative feedback.
  3. Being proactive is the best key to ensure consistent positive feedback. Have you automated basics, sms/email payment received, item dispatched with tracking info
  4. Is seller information, email / mobile/ Skype prominently listed or easily available. How easy it is to reach seller ?
  5. Is response automated (routine email communication), Do you have FAQ or is it customised?
  6. How quick is the response? It is advisable to have internal SLA/escalation matrix & process to resolve. Process is only guideline for staff & to help buyer.
  7. Is resolution as per buyer satisfaction or as per rule book?
  8. Does seller take care to reach-out & speak with buyer?
  9. 90% of the buyers prefer to resolve before leaving negative feedback
  10. Negative feedback given under impulse is usually under influence of some one valued a lot (peer/parents) & may be totally against the wishes & requirement of user.
  11. Viewers/buyers are more interested in the good manners & grace, with which situation is handled
  12. Never ever argue with buyer, he/she is always right. Plan your business @ losses due to unforeseen situations, at least 2-3 %. Active listening always resolves toughest of the issues.
  13. Secret: Listening is the best thing to do. Offer multiple solutions, flexibility is the key to resolve stalemate.
Online selling is fun :)
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Monday, April 7, 2014

70 Books that changed my life

70 Books that changed my life

This is a partial list of some of the books I had read which had changed my life. Kindly do invest at-least 30 minutes per day for your own self-development.

  1. Awaken the Giant within - Tony Robbins
  2. Unlimited Power - Tony Robbins
  3. Seagulls - Richard Bach
  4. The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho
  5. Yoga Nidra - Swami Satyananda Saraswathi
  6. Success Principles - Jack Canfield
  7. Master key system - Charles Haanel
  8. First, Break all the rules - Marcus Buckingham
  9. Tao of Physics - Fritjof Capra
  10. Millionaire Mind Set - Harv Eker
  11. Flow - Mihaly Csikszenmihalyi
  12. Thought Power - Swami Sivananda
  13. Goals - Brian Tracy
  14. Many Miles to go - Brian Tracy
  15. Autobiography of Yogi - Paramahamsa Yogananda
  16. A Whole New Mind - Daniel Pink
  17. Delivering Happiness - Tony Hsieh
  18. You can Heal your life - Louise Hay
  19. Science of Breath - Yogi Ram charaka
  20. Encyclopedia of Brain - V.S.Ramachandran
  21. Vedanta Treatise - Swami Parthasarathy
  22. Change your thoughts; Change your life - Wayne Dyer
  23. Blink - Malcolm Gladwell
  24. Hatha Yoga Pradipika - Swami Muktibhodananda
  25. Swara Yoga - Swami Muktibhodananda
  26. The Elegant Universe- Brian Greene
  27. God Talks with Arjuna - Parmahamsa Yogananda
  28. Divine Romance - Parmahamsa Yogananda
  29. Holy Science - Sri Yukteshwar Giri
  30. Happiness Advantage - Shawn Achor
  31. Eat that frog - Brian Tracy
  32. Frogs to Princes - Richard Bandler & John Grinder
  33. Kundalini Tantra - Swami Satyananda
  34. Short history of everything - Bill Bryson
  35. Brief history of time - Stephen hawking
  36. The Artist’s Way - Julia Cameron
  37. Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki
  38. The Saint, Surfer & CEO - Robin Sharma
  39. Serpent Power - Sir John Woodroffe
  40. Mystic Musings - Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
  41. Victory - Brian Tracy
  42. Change your thinking, Change your life - Brian Tracy
  43. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus - John Gray
  44. Turbo Coach - Brian Tracy
  45. Speak to Win - Brian Tracy
  46. The Book of Hexagrams(I Ching) - 
  47. NLP Workbook - Joseph Connor
  48. $ 1 Million dollar reason to change your mind - Pat Mesiti
  49. The Talent Code - Daniel Coyle
  50. Emotional Intelligence- Daniel Goleman
  51. Power vs Force - David Hawkins
  52. Philosophy of life - Swami Krishnananda
  53. A Course in Miracles
  54. I am That - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
  55. Getting things done - David Allen
  56. $ 100 Dollar Start Up - Chris Guillebeau
  57. ZeNLP - Murli Menon
  58. Only the Paranoid Survive - Andrew Grove
  59. Living with the Himalayan Masters - Swami Rama
  60. Apprenticed to the Himalayan Master - Sri M
  61. 7 Habits of highly successful people - Stephen Covey
  62. Built to last - James Collins
  63. Know-How - Ram Charan
  64. The Biology of Belief - Bruce Lipton
  65. 7 Laws of Success - Deepak Chopra
  66. Book of Secrets - Deepak Chopra
  67. Getting things Done- David Allen
  68. Power of Intentions - Wayne Dyer
  69. Change your thoughts, Change your life - Wayne Dyer
  70. Nature of Happiness - Desmond Morris

Keep learning... Kind Courtesy ,

Creating winning-engaging eCommerce descriptions : Better team bonding via experiential learning activities

Success in eCommerce is highly dependent upon 3 crucial factors; in this article, I am sharing how to get superior description from all people involved in  a team
A) Photography
B) Description
C) Credibility, (CRT-credibility, refer-ability, trust)
D) Other aspects are complimenting first 3 & important as well

These activities are to be done in the morning
A) We start with meditation ; Deep-Long & Slow breath. The purpose of this is to activate (supply Oxygen) to both parts of the brain, logical & intuitive brain for 15 mins. This results in better thinking & coordination
B) Jigsaw Puzzle- Cross Functional team building game: total time 20min to play + 40 min to capture learnings & debrief. This brings about importance of coordination, appreciating difference in thinking of men & women about same product/service.
C) Tanagram (H) OR Square Completion (Dr. Wood-tm) OR Rubik's cube-tm OR Rubik's Clock-tm: time 30 Min to play +  upto 1hour for debrief. This brings about possibility thinking, importance of thinking intuitively.

The outcome is better description, which is engaging, international audience appealing experience, fresh ideas, alternate uses of product/service appealing to both men & women
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Gender Mixup: Do you Think women becoming more masculine & men becoming more feminine is an issue?

  • Do you Think women becoming more masculine & men becoming more feminine is an issue?

  • Where are we heading? What could be the consequences?

  • Is it good for future generations? IS DINK-(double income no kids) at Metros good?

  • What are the causes?

  • Is present generation; over-ambition & stress a contributing factor? 

    Kindly share your views at

Gender Games™ : How do we sensitise that Gender Differences exist, they need to be acknowledged first & .......... next article

How Experiential Adventure Activities can smoothen birth pangs of new entity after Merger & Acquisition? Cultural Imbibation

Yes, creation of new entity after Union (Merger & Acquisition) is like new birth, Births Pangs are natural & if they are not there......... there is something wrong & need to be addressed

Dictionary: birth pang
1. One of the repetitive pains occurring in childbirth. Often used in the plural.
2. birth pangs Difficulty or turmoil associated with a development or transition

Each entity is unique, with unique DNA, culture, psychology which perhaps is neither defined nor understood, because it cannot be measured. I am writing this to sensitize how outbound/inbound experiential activities can help evolve new culture & ensure "Cultural Imbibation" there off. We have experience of helping successful transitions of global-Fortune500 companies.

Outbound Experiential Learning helps to;
  1. Evolve new culture the natural way, because respective strengths are not told, they are felt & appreciated by all.
  2. It not Big V/S Small or acquirer V/S acquired, it is all about we are new to each other, let us explore, appreciate ourselves & each other in a better way
  3. The new norms & culture comes from & is jointly defined by people
  4. People collaborate better & are in better control of their career aspirations & of new entity
  5. It helps every one to come out of routine/mechanistic corporate office culture, de-stress themselves, be natural & true to themselves in outbound environment
  6. New  & better relations are formed @ appreciating each other
  7. Gender Diversity Appreciation, new teams formation is must  & are best addressed during activities.........the natural way.
  8. We are humans & if we hold position for long, tend to think we are the best......Ego busting & understanding things can be done in a alternate & a better way is must. I cannot define or measure this, some men & women cry, when they realise their mistakes. They heal themselves, co-learn how to cope, forge themselves to be new & move ahead in life.
  9. Understanding & appreciating, How & Why? others address, do things/give solutions to same challenges in contrast to we do is must
  10. Myth Buster: Best practices are not best anymore, they have to be re-defined, re-written & accepted by new joint entity.
 It is natural, let us move ahead naturally & the way it is designed to be..... Best Wishes !! :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

IMP: Breath @ Work Dress Code: Kindly come in Loose Fitting clothes, take light lunch..... dinner-networking is on board

Welcome to Breath @ Work, Fri, 4th April
Kindly come in loose fitting clothes & have a light lunch
Footwear to be removed outside the hall
Please be at venue by 2.15 for open networking

Venue: Zorba The Budha
Opposite: Ghitorni Metro station on Huda Metro track
See/Enter: Tropicana Drive Board, walk for 4 mins & you are at Zorba The Budha

Best Wishes...kindly call at 85-1004-2055 for any query
Warmly & Experientially, 
Prabhjot Singh Sood 

Thanks to all my networked friends, LinkedIn, MHROD-DSchool Alumni, Trainers Forum for references & nominations for breath @ Work

Dear All, Good Morning, Great Day :)

Heartfelt thanks to  all my networked friends, LinkedIn, MHROD-Dschool Alumni, Trainers Forum for references & nominations for breath @ Work. This limited participants, exclusive event workshop would help many to get to basics, How to manage their breath to work for them, besides collaborating for leads to generate business as well.

It was my deep desire to help connect people (NCR) at peaceful & stress free environment at Zorba The Budha to passionately enjoy the Vegetarian Dinner as well

This event is important milestone for me; re-launching Training Experts Management Company Eagles Learning. In future all events shall be marketed by my team & associates under the banner of Eagles Learning

Seek your blessing, to represent more Training/Workshop/Coaching experts in their domain.

Kindly connect with me at LinkedIn Facebook
Warmly & Experientially, 
Prabhjot Singh Sood 
Experiential Learning, Adventure Activity Facilitator from New Delhi & Chandigarh, India
+91 85-1004-2055

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