Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why the "H" women delay ? Few Men Complaint & upset About Women's behaviour after a Fire-Earthquake Drill at Leading UK MNC: Understanding Gender Differences

Caution: Please read my comments at end, before forming opinion

Scene: Somewhere in Noida, India, high rise luxurious office
Employees: Top paid, ivy B school grads
Preparation: Intensive 3 week of, Training role play, simulations by top company & finest instructor about emergency evacuation procedure during earthquake & fire
Day: Final emergency evacuation drill
I am: Friend of employee, just curiously watching the final drill

All employees evacuate within stipulated time, except 4 women. There is alert, panic & loudspeaker announcement as to where these women are. crucial 5 mins have passed.

Other Women: bewildered, concerned, pray for them, some try to reach them on mobile

Few men ask fire brigade guy & instructor to enter the building (arguing with security, tempers are running high)
Few  men put high rise ladder against the wall & start climbing on ladder
Few men Pick up stones to break the window panes
Few comment, Why don't they realise....Must be..... cannot write inappropriate comments by few men in my blog.
Almost all men say, Why the "H" these women delay, don't they love their life.

Now after 6 mins these 4 women emerge cheerfully from emergency exit. These women are touched-hugged by other women & scolding by men. Men say we were so worried. Don't you know the instructions. Why have you not followed it.
Now these women start crying, its is not my fault.
Men: Shut up & you need to follow instructions. they were clear.Stop crying
Women: Hug them tightly & pat them. Kiss them, touch them. Hold them tight

Myself: I took them to coffee shop after the drama, smiled & politely asked them, must be something important which got you delayed.
4 Women: We were searching each other, I went to her desk, I went to store, I went to washroom, I went to cafeteria, we were looking for each other. These men don't listen & we were late for a genuine reason.... I offered them coffee, heard them for half an hour & all their complaints about men.....Wine was not available

My Comments: This is natural behaviour of women; loving team work-collaboration, protective, caring nurturing about each other.....till corporate culture try to mould them to be masculine..
  • Men & women, exhibit & show empathy/concern in different way?
  • Men here were equally as much worried as other women & were ready to take action to rescue them?
  • Do you think we all need to be gender intelligent?
  • Why the "H-Hell" we force & impose women to be like men?
  • Why cant we allow women to be women? 
  • They have own strengths, why can't we appreciate that?
Now I am on my journey to be gender intelligent, My apologies to all women, for unknowingly my behaviour might have caused you stress.

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