Monday, March 17, 2014

Required Passionate Trainer/Coach: Gender Diversity, Gender Appreciation, Women Leadership, Prevention of Sexual harassment (India & International Assignments)

Serving executives across world are also welcome to apply, we can offer week-end training session & evening telephonic/skype assignments as well.
We would prefer, facilitator to be well read about works of authors; Dr. John Gray, Barbara Annis, Michael Gurian, Allan&Barbara Pease. All of them have their websites & numerous you tube videos.

NDA/Confidentiality clause applicable, trainer/coach would be required to sign the same. All business transactions are under the banner of "Eagles Learning"

Kindly send detailed resume & Design Document/Workshop content outlines as well, if you have videos, you can upload in you tube & send us the links.

  1. Client: Indian IT Giant & leading Indian PSU, Global beverages (US MNC). Few individuals as well
  2. Remuneration: 15-75K Per day (as on date max amount has been 1,50,000/- for 2 day workshop by  leading Japanese MNC). For individual telephonic/Skype session apprx Rs600-1500/-  per hour
  3. Training Days: 140 days (70*2 days per batch) as confirmed by leading Japanese & US client
  4. Location: Primarily at NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, few batches may be at neighbor & Gulf countries as well
  5. Future Growth: We, "Eagles Learning" are growing organically, primarily via referral, repeat orders & word of mouth publicity. We are expanding slowly & steadily for international assignments as well
  6. Methodology: Interactive Workshop (blend of activities, case study, videos & psychology/behavioral sciences)
  7. Payment terms: within 30 days, max 45 days after submission of bills. 
  8. Payment Currency/method: INR Rs or USD$. Directly in your currency, verified bank account.
  9. Travel & Stay: By economy Air/2/3AC as applicable, company guest house/2/3 star hotel, will be booked & arranged by client
  10. Confidentiality clause applicable: trainer would be required to sign declaration, to not to entertain any direct business with client, under any circumstances. All billing is under the banner of "Eagles Learning"
  11. Project roll out schedule: April/May 2014
  12. Kindly send details, your detailed profile, list of clients, references, workbook sample, workshop outlines, videos if any & linkedIn profile
  13. Preferred age group of trainer: 35+ Yr
Kindly send your details in confidence to

Warmly & Experientially,
Prabhjot Singh Sood 
Experiential Learning, Adventure Activity Facilitator from New Delhi & Chandigarh, India
+91 85-1004-2055

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