Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Positive Expectations, Law of Attraction has worked wonders for me, It is guaranteed to work with you as well? Try it

When I graduated & started my career, I dreamed & earnestly desired to be seen in high net-worth circle dealing with successful men & women, I got into automobile industry, I was part of Suzuki's team, selling high end cars, Auto-Matic Transmissions to individuals & government orders. Enjoyed to be treated with care & respect by top shots & listened to by their women. It always enhanced my self esteem.

Then summer came, I wished I could be in Himalayas all expense paid travel & stay, I got into trade channel sales for Akai, Sansui, Aiwa at Himachal... I cherished every bit of Himachal for 1 year. Then extreme winter came, I desired to be back to automobile industry.

My old boss called me to join Hyundai, Dream come true, WOW wonderful world class product. Achieved my life long desired dream, license to rough up & test drive the cars. The MD was a lady, wife of top IAS officer chief secretary to govt. I interacted with Elite, top echelons of the country were my customers, highest ranking businessmen, politicians.

The part I enjoyed the most was, official license to screw/test drive cars, take fast turns @80 km/Hr on roundabouts of Chandigarh, most beautiful city designed by French architect Le Corbusier, drive through VIP high security areas at 120 Km/Hr.. pump up my adrenaline & have fun. Police used to stop me & then watch with surprise, driving a new car. The car skidding at roundabouts used to gave me amazing thrill.

I regularly practice law of attraction, it helps me;
I always (90%)  find green lights in Delhi Traffic
I always get parking space for my car in parking lots

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