Friday, March 14, 2014

My Favourite Authors on Appreciating Gender Diversity, Gender Inclusion & related topics, How to buy their books?

My Favourite Authors on Appreciating Gender Diversity, Gender Inclusion & related topics are;

  1. John Gray
  2. Michael Gurien
  3. Barbara Annis
  4. Allan & Barbara Pease
  5. Gary Chapman
To buy the books, my favourite sites are,,,,

To view best search results, Flipkart 
To buy at lowest price, Junglee, Snapdeal
To buy as good as new, pre used, imported books, infibeam

Besides Religious scriptures (The Holy Guru Granth Sahib, The Holy Bible, The Holy Ramayana, The Holy Geeta), give importance & reasons to respect women.... All women & men are basically caring towards each other, however how to understand each other is scientifically best explained by authors.

There is lot of misunderstanding & confusion amongst sexes & result in high divorce, sexual harassment cases... unexpected results.

God has created 2 gender for a reason & by learning to understand them will help make this word a better place...............
Warmly & Experientially
Prabhjot Singh Sood

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Create Prosperity & Happiness (CPH), help & transform 1 Billion people to experience success, by connecting them to build friends network, appreciate gender diversity & nurture relations to get personal happiness. 

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