Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Memoirs-Dealing with Women, my Learning: How I landed in trouble, not being gender intelligent & how woman MD navigated the incident ?

Caution: Kindly read learning's for men at the end

This incident dates back to Jan 1999, executive secretary to chairman, complaint about my behaviour. "Offering this lady cake after lunch, I have bad intentions to serve cake "

  1. Month Ago: Woman MD, asks to track call details of her personal land-line telephone for misuse by someone.
  2. The STD calls (nos dialed & minute spend per call) is excessive. Cost is not an issue, however conversion to quality sales is an issue. All instructions/process to check expense failed.
  3. This task was delegated this to me by male supervisor/manager,
  4. Everyone in the company knew, who is misusing the phone & woman MD wanted proof.
  5. Call details scan/massive data scrutiny, found the culprits, executive secretary to chairman & woman sales executive.
  6. I caught, woman sales executive red handed misusing the facility. earlier it was blame throwing game.
  7. Now both women decided to conspire against me, the executive secretary has no work & woman sales executive is under protection from my manager.
  8. The executive secretary, started crying & complained about my inappropriate behavior to chairman, GM, MD's Brother & my manager.... surprisingly no complaint is made to woman MD. The inappropriate behavior is "Offering this lady cake after lunch, I have bad intentions to serve cake "
  9. After internal inquiry & fact finding mission, woman MD calls me & asks me, what do you want to be done. I requested her & explained, I have only done my job of finding culprits misusing your personal phone & this is why this drama.
  10. Confidential Private conversation with Woman MD, she is now upset, she asks me, Prabhjot, do you want us to give exit to this woman (secretary). My response was no, shift this woman to some other team & allocate her some work. She has no work to do. Now I am out of her cabin & only the woman secretary & MD talk privately.
  11. After, 2 days, woman secretary is allocated new assignment. However scandals are bound to erupt unexpectedly, her friend, the woman sales executive is not going to sit idle. Manager is transferred to new office. Now I was gender smart & understood, what my manager was upto.
Learning for me
  • Rule1: Active listening to women, always help, always help, always help, always help !!
  • Rule2: Best way to request & explain your viewpoint is indirect way, use influencers (her friends), show her video or movie clips. Gift her flowers first & then a book. They are always sweet & lovely.
  • Rule3: Avoid being direct with them.
  • Most Important for Men: Woman are never wrong, never try to prove them wrong. Story telling works wonder with man-woman relations. They are exceptionally intelligent in deciphering most complicated & hidden messages in story/video/movie. They will move mountains when stories are told.
PS: Can Someone please help me understand, Why I love to tell stories to my daughter to make her go to bed & sleep on time?
Why my spouse prefers me telling our beautiful daughter stories?
Why my spouse, loves & prefers me to show her movies?

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