Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I smelt & felt vibrations of a car: How Pregnant/Expecting woman saved her & unborn's life in car accident.... Simple & I wondered?

  1. Wondering, what made this woman listen to me? 
  2. Why she gave her intense, undivided & complete attention to me? 
  3. Why I still remember her & vividly recall all details after 19 years, the time, her dress, her perfume, her encouragements to tell me more, her positive body language?
  4. Do women have superior sixth sense, when they are pregnant?
  5. Are women better listener when they are pregnant?
  6. Why her male family members ignored the handing over demo?
  7. Were male members bewildred/angry, for their woman giving me intense 15 min attention?
  8. LOL: Why I feel my wife doesn't listen to me the way I expect? Before marriage, she was better listener?

Background: Badly damaged, front collision & smashed windshield car came to our service center. I smelt the car & could connect (I was not aware of psychic connections & related stuff) feel the fragrance of her perfume & vibrations, that this car belongs to a 7th month pregnant woman, who is my customer & an excellent driver. 

Everyone/technicians commented that the head of person driving has badly hit the windshield, perhaps there are severe head & abdomen injuries. I felt too guilty, Have I done something wrong?. Why I sold this car to this lady? Perhaps I feel too bad, why I asked for the order?

The woman's mobile was not reachable for 2 Month, no one in her home or family was traceable for 2 Month. I prayed & prayed for her & her unborn's safety, that miracles do happen. Hope that this car is not hers'.

After 70 days, this lady came, hugged & thanked me for how good I was, I was speechless. She thanked me with sweets & for saving her & unborn's life, both are healthy. She was wearing seat belt.
She complimented me for ownership/handing over demonstration ceremony of car. I always treated this event as a celebration & was highly enthusiastic to hand over keys & take owners photo with car 

I recalled doing my routine work of demonstration of final ownership, I made her sit on driver's seat, (I pleaded & forced her for this part of demo, to allow me to do my work, I fastened the seat belt around her & suddenly pulled belt with a jerk, I explained her, that in unforeseen impact, the belt will hug you & prevent the person from flying off & hitting steering/windshield.

I also remember, her brother & husband were upset for me wasting their time. They have been driving since ages & know everything. Her brother was driving without seat belt & he had hit the windshield, he was recovering & safe. Although he was in ICU for 5 days. They were blinded by high beam & the car hit road divider.

Can we all please wear seat belts, whenever we drive

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