Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gender Strength: How intelligent/graceful Woman Colleague Managed it & Ensured Happiness

Background: Team is getting certified for world renowned program on how to manage relations; "AIA", Adventures In Attitudes

During intense discussions; a woman colleague, sitting next to me, shares with me her personal interaction with her husband
A) Intelligent/graceful Woman: My husband does nothing at night, he comes home & go to sleep....... Women are cool & continue as usual, Men-eyebrows raised, stop every thing, focus & listen to our intense talk like a peeping tom.

B) Intelligent/graceful Woman continues: My husband is lazy, he is rich, my in-laws are good, he is the only son, I know he will get everything. My husband does nothing, comes home, enjoys TV, his drink, take dinner & go to sleep. All my efforts, request & persuasions have failed to make him do something, this is happening since quite long. we have only 1 child. Still I have not lost hope

C) Read carefully: Intelligent/graceful Woman continues: One day I decided to celebrate, treat him at a special dinner & told him, How would you feel, if our daughter says & announces to the world "this new property/asset has been created by my father". Within next 15 days, ultimate change in her husband's behaviour, he has started taking life seriously , created goals & booked a flat.

Due acknowledgement & request to the lady, wherever you are, Wishing you all the happiness to your  family, let us catch up for a dinner. My family would love to join you,,,Warmly Sood's

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